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Our Mission is to be an exemplary 21st–century learning community whose graduates are well prepared to excel in a complex, interconnected and changing world.

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Equations plus Bee Bucks equals fun at A.W. Becker’s inaugural Math Marathon

Regular practice of math facts helped prepare A.W. Becker students for their first Math Marathon the week of Nov. 2. The marathon was an initiative to increase math fluency at all levels in the school.
Each grade participated in the event, trying to beat the buzzer as the timed challenge encouraged students to demonstrate their knowledge of math. [Read more]

Bethlehem ZBA requests a demonstration of digital sign at A.W. Becker

The Bethlehem Zoning Board of Appeals is still considering the district’s request for a variance to allow the digital sign in front of A.W. Becker School, and has asked for the sign to be illuminated from 2 – 7 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 15 to see examples of its capabilities. [read more]

Serving up funds for A.W. Becker: parents and staff raise nearly $400 for PTA

In just two hours on Saturday, Nov. 12, parents and staff from A.W. Becker raised $393 as they hosted a pancake breakfast fundraiser at the Glenmont Applebees. Proceeds from the fundraiser go to the A.W. Becker PTA.


Literacy Night closes the cover onn World According to Humphreyy

In a culminating event for A.W. Becker’s One School, One Book program, students and their families gathered for the fall Literacy Night on Thursday, Oct. 22..
As part of One School, One Book, every student at A.W. Becker read World According to Humphrey, the first book in the Humphrey series, where Humphrey the hamster learns to read, write, teach English as a second language and more.. [read more][read more]

Student photoSprinting toward physical fitness, students take part in 7th annual Apple Run

After being postponed once due to a waterlogged field, the students at A.W. Becker finally got their chance to race to the finish line on Oct. 15., during the 7th annual Natalie Krause Apple Run.
“I love the Apple Run,” Physical Education teacher Elyse Loughlin said. “It reminds me that when we are little we just love to move. Our students can’t wait to get out there and make that mad dash.”
The afternoon was filled with heart-healthy exercise to help teach students how physical fitness benefits the body.
[Read More]

A.W. Becker students recognized at Board of Education Meeting

student awards 

UPDATE: District seeks postponement for A.W. Becker sign variance appeal

The Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk School District Superintendent, Robert Libby, will be asking the Bethlehem Zoning Board to table the A.W. Becker variance appeal at the Oct. 21 meeting.
“We have asked the Bethlehem Zoning Board to table our appeal for a later date,” district Libby said on Tuesday.
The request comes after the district received notice from the Albany County Planning Board that it had recommended thevariance be disapproved without prejudice.
“We were unaware that the Albany County Planning Board would be discussing our variance during its Oct. 15 meeting,” Libby said. “We therefore did not present our position to that board.”
School officials are now reaching out to the Albany County Planning Board for further information and guidance in resolving the matter. “Tabling the variance appeal until November is in the best interest of the district and the Town of Bethlehem,” Libby said.
“We appreciate the support we have received from the community on this matter and ask for your continued support as we move forward.”
For now, the sign will remain off, as the district works toward a resolution.


Student photoFourth graders map out New York State

Fourth graders at A.W. Becker studying the geography of New York, created their own map representations of the state last week. Students included New York’s major cities, bodies of water and geographical features in their maps. They also contained a map key or legend as well as a compass rose to demonstrate what they had learned about maps in their Social Studies class.
Mrs. Agostinoni’s, Mrs. Baumgras’s, Mrs. Conway’s and Conti’s, and Mrs. Tutay’s class all participated in the project. Click for pictures

School district seeks variance from Bethlehem Zoning Board to allow digital sign at A. W. Becker Elementary

Just days after the electric sign in front of A.W. Becker Elementary School was first illuminated in June, the Town of Bethlehem informed the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District that the sign violates their town code. A non-compliant sign could subject the district and its board members to fines and even criminal penalties unless the district receives a variance from the town.
The sign – which is intended to provide families and other community members information about school events and activities as well as health and safety – has been dark ever since.
Residents are encouraged to show their support for allowing the district to turn the sign back on by attending the Bethlehem Zoning Board meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. on Oct. 21 at the Bethlehem Town Hall.
[Read more]


A.W. Becker Apple Run rescheduled for Thursday Oct. 15

Due to heavy rains, the fields at A.W. Becker are too wet to hold the annual Apple Run Friday Oct. 2. The event is rescheduled for Thursday Oct. 15. Check back for more details.

One School, One BookBook photo

 "When an entire school reads the same book, the buzz and excitement around the book being read increases these benefits, and there is the added joy of building community in the school family."
A.W. Becker announces the launch of a new program called “One School, One Book”. The idea is that every child in the school will read the same book at the same time. Activities to engage and help unite readers around the book will also take place in the classrooms.

For more information visit the AWB "One School, One Book" website here


Adventures in Reading program focused on ocean studies

The A.W. Becker Adventures in Reading program was a success for the 37 students who participated in the four-week program. Students in grades 3-5 investigated and researched all about the ocean. Each student picked a specific animal to research and became an expert about it. The students enjoyed making Powerpoint presentations as well as animal pillows. A highlight for the students was using technology to enhance their reading, spelling and vocabulary skills.

Here are the supplies your child will need for September!

AWB has released the list of school supplies that students will need when school begins in September. Check them out! [READ MORE]

Student photoGrade 5 students at AW Becker enjoy seaport and aquarium in Mystic, Conn.

The 70 grade 5 students at AW Becker, along with 65 of their parents, enjoyed their annual end-of-year trip to Mystic, Connecticut as they checked out the renowned seaport, a commercial whaling vessel and aquarium.

 At the Mystic Seaport, students were transported back to the 19th century to see what life was like in a coastal village. They strolled down the streets to visit places like a cooperage, printing press, and shipsmith shop, just to name a few. One of the major highlights was the Charles W. Morgan, a whaling vessel the oldest commercial ship in the United States that is still afloat.

Students finished their day at the Mystic Aquarium. They were delighted with the sights and sounds of beluga whales, sting rays, sharks and penguins. There was also a sea lion show to round out the visit! [READ MORE]

AW Becker Wackadoodles train for 1 mile Freihofer Kids Run and cheer on runner Melody Fairchild at Freihofer Run

Student photoFor the past seven weeks, 17 grades 4 and 5 students at A.W. Becker have been training to run the 28th Annual Freihofer’s 1 Mile Kids Run, which occurred last Saturday, May 30.

The students' training, through the AW Becker Running Club called the Wackadoodles, included coming to school early three days a week and preparing their bodies to run the race by learning how to stretch, how to pace themselves and how to mentally prepare and endure distance running.

As part of the Wackadoodle program, A.W. Becker hosted elite athlete Melody Fairchild, who would be running the Freihofer 5K (3.1 mile) race, to come visit the school, run with the Wackadoodle members, and present at a very special assembly for grades 3, 4 and 5. [READ MORE]

Student photoRCS High School students share the joy of reading with students at AW Becker elementary

A.W. Becker students of all ages laughed, giggled and, most importantly, paid attention as high school students in Dee Hushmendy's Creative Writing class read some of their original books to them on Monday, June 1.

These seniors participated in the program: Madeline Civill, Cameryn Cross, Laura Farrant, Mickey Fryer, Lauren Hazelton, Vivienne Horne, Michael Jimenex, Lauren LeClaire, Bianca Marinex Franco, Seamus Mooney, Anthony Notaro, Hayley Novak, Sierra Staats, Zachary Therrien and Rebecca Young. [READ MORE]

Students honored with educational leadership awards

Student photoOn Monday, May 4, the Sandra G. Morley Physical Education Leadership Award Program continued its tradition of honoring elementary and middle school students for their leadership abilities and positive influence on their peers.


The award ceremony was held in the McDonough Sports Complex at Hudson Valley Community College, and recognized a number of students from AWB, PBC and the middle school.


photo of kids

EVENTS Calendar

Monday, November 23

Parent Conferences (Early Dismissal, UPK-8)

Tuesday, November 24

Parent Conferences (Early Dismissal, UPK-8)

Board of Education meeting, 6 p.m., HS

Wednesday-Friday, November 25-27

Thanksgiving Recess - NO SCHOOL

Thursday, November 26

Thanksgiving Day

Wednesday, December 2

AW Becker Grade 5 Band/Chorus Holiday Concert, 7 p.m., at AW Becker

Thursday, December 3

PB Coeymans Grade 5 Band/Chorus Holiday Concert, 7 p.m., at PB Coeymans

NYSSMA Conference All-State Festival at Rochester

Friday, December 4

AW Becker PTA Cookies With Santa

NYSSMA Conference All-State Festival at Rochester

Saturday, December 5

NYSSMA Conference All-State Festival at Rochester

Sunday, December 6

NYSSMA Conference All-State Festival at Rochester

Hanukkah (begins at sunset)

Tuesday, December 8

Board of Education meeting, 6 p.m., MSRecognition Awards

Wednesday, December 9

AW Becker Grades 2 and 4 Holiday Concert, 7 p.m., at the High School

PB Coeymans Cookies with Santa, 6:30-8 p.m.

Thursday, December 10

PB Coeymans Grades 2 and 4 Holiday Concert, 7 p.m., at the High School

Tuesday, December 15

Grade 6 Holiday Concert, 7 p.m., at the High School

Wednesday, December 16

AW Becker PTA

Alternate Concert Snow Day

Thursday, December 17

Grades 7 and 8 Holiday Concert, 7 p.m., at the High School

Friday, December 18

End of five-week interim period, MS/HS

Monday, December 21

High School Holiday Concert, 7:30 p.m., at the High School

Tuesday, December 22

Alternate Concert Snow Day

Winter begins

Thursday-Friday, December 24-January 1

Holiday Recess - NO SCHOOL

Friday, December 25

Christmas Day

Friday, December 31

New Year's Eve

Monday, January 4, 2016

Classes resume

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Board of Education meeting, 6 p.m., HS

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Jaime Mormile Invitational Wrestling Tournament, 7 a.m., HS gym

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

PBC PreK and Kindergarten Registration and Fun Fair, 4 to 6 p.m.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Superintendent's Conference Day (Early Dismisal, UPK-12)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

AWB PreK and Kindergarten Registration and Fun Fair, 4 to 6 p.m.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Board of Education meeting, 6 p.m., HS

Tuesday-Friday, January 26-29, 2016

NYS Regents exams

Tuesday, February 9

Board of Education meeting, 6 p.m., HS

Monday-Friday, February 15-19

Winter Recess - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, February 23

Board of Education meeting, 6 p.m., HS

Tuesday, March 8

Board of Education meeting, 6 p.m., HS

Thursday, March 10

Parent Conferences (Early Dismisal, UPK-8)

Friday, March 11

Parent Conferences (Early Dismisal, UPK-8)

Tuesday, March 22

Superintendent's Conference Day (Early Dismissal, UPK-8)

Board of Education meeting, 6 p.m., HS

Friday, March 25

Good Friday - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, April 5

Board of Education meeting, 6 p.m., HS - 2016-17 budget presentation and approval

Tuesday, April 19

Board of Education meeting, 6 p.m., HS - BOCES budget vote

Monday-Friday, April 25-29

Spring Recess - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, May 10

Board of Education meeting, 6 p.m., HS - 2016-17 budget hearing

Tuesday, May 17

2016-17 school budget vote, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., RCS High School gym

Tuesday, May 24

Board of Education meeting, 6 p.m., HS - if needed

Friday, May 27

Contingent Snow Day* if one emergency day has not been used

Monday, May 30

Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, June 1

Common Core NYS Regents exams

Tuesday, June 14

Board of Education meeting, 6 p.m., HS

Tuesday-Thursday, June 14-23

NYS Regents exams

Thursday, June 23


Saturday, June 25

Class of 2016 graduation
9 a.m. Empire State Convention Center, Albany

Tuesday, June 28

Board of Education meeting, 6 p.m., HS


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