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June 12, 2017

Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District CSE Chairperson/Middle School Assistant Principal Job Description


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Purpose: The CSE Chairperson/Middle School Assistant Principal, as delegated by the Superintendent and the Board of Education, will facilitate all functions related to appropriate education of students in need of special education services. He/she will conduct stakeholder meetings and reviews documentation related to the development of individualized education programs (IEPs), student placement, and the annual triennial review process. He/she will also be responsible for assisting the Principal with instructional and organizational leadership, direction, supervision, operations and accountability at the middle school. Evaluations of instructional staff will be conducted as needed.


Responsible to: Superintendent or his/her designee, Middle School Principal, and the Director of Special Education


Payment Rate: As per RCSAA contract for a 12 month position



  • Masters degree from an accredited college/university

  • Minimum of five (5) years’ experience as a teacher or member of pupil personnel

  • New York State Leadership certification (SBA, SBL, SDA, SDL)

  • Extensive knowledge of Federal and State regulations pertaining to Special Education and extensive knowledge of Individual Education Program development


Essential Functions:

  • Project friendliness, approachability, and consideration

  • Organize materials, information, and instructional content in a manner that is easily understood

  • Speak and write with both clarity and credibility

  • Listen and be cognizant and responsive to individual needs

  • Possess excellent oral and written communication and must demonstrate interpersonal, public relations, instruction, curriculum, facilitation, management, decision making, computer and organizational skills

Professional Knowledge and Skill:

  • Knowledge of school law, school finance/budgets, conflict management and behavior management

  • Knowledge of special education regulation, Part 200 of the Commission of Education

  • Ability to work with students and parents with various backgrounds and abilities

  • Operating knowledge of and experience with personal computer, computer software and basic office equipment

  • Operating knowledge of student information system

  • Strong decision-making, analytical and organizational skills

  • Advanced skill in dealing with students and staff with diverse needs at various levels

  • Knowledge of varied instructional strategies, how to support the needs of diverse learners, delivery methods, assessment, and staff development techniques for improvement of instruction

  • Intermediate to advanced knowledge of, and ability to, develop, monitor and evaluate curriculum, discipline plans and supervision/safety plans

  • Knowledge of understanding of adolescent physical, emotional, and intellectual development.


Working Conditions:
Normal office/school environment, requiring appropriate and professional dress


Physical Demands:

  • Routine physical activity associated with normal office and teaching environment

  • Occasionally requires physical exertion to manually move, lift, carry, pull, or push heavy objects or materials

  • Occasional stooping, bending, and reaching

  • Requires some travel

  • Must work indoors and outdoors year-round

  • Must work in noisy and crowded environments


In cooperation with the Director of Special Education, the CSE Chairperson/MS Assistant Principal will:

  • Develop and evaluate program

  • Be responsible for day-to-day management and CSE functions, including oversight and monitoring of subcommittee activities

  • Ensure that the district is following all appropriate legal processes in determining appropriate programming for children with disabilities

  • Arrange for approved services for in- and out-of-district students age 3 to 21

  • Act as a liaison with community and special education service groups

  • Implement and maintains procedures for the operation of the CPSE and CSE and supervise office and administrative procedures to insure efficient CPSE/CSE operation

  • Monitor and evaluate related services

  • Insure that all students referred to the CSE and CPSE receive the necessary evaluations

  • Work cooperatively with parents, outside placements and the District to coordinate programs and services as a result of CPSE and CSE meetings

  • Prepare agenda, schedules meetings of the CSE and CPSE and assure that mandated members are in attendance at each meeting, and that the parent of each child to be discussed is invited to the meeting

  • Chair CSE and CPSE meeting and makes sure the IEP’s are accurately prepared and that formal minutes are recorded

  • Work cooperatively with the preschool staff to place students in an appropriate program

  • Complete all records and submit reports to the Director of Special Education

  • Assist in the coordination of district pupil personnel (Guidance, Psychologists, Speech Language Pathologists, and Social workers)

  • Use data to inform all practices

  • Keep well informed of all NYS laws and regulations pertaining to special education services for school age students in non-public schools and students in preschool

  • Perform such other tasks and assume such other responsibilities as the Director of Special Education may from time to time assign

In cooperation with the Middle School Principal, the CSE Chairperson/MS Assistant Principal will:

  • Assist the principal in the discharge of his/her duties at all times and acts in the capacity of the principal during the principal’s absence from the school

  • Supervise departments as assigned by the principal

  • Assist in the role of instructional leader to promote student behavior that is supportive, and conducive, to the implementation of the school’s instructional programs and goals

  • Conduct “independent evaluator” evaluations for District instructional staff members in satisfaction APPR regulations

  • Perform record-keeping functions as assigned by the principal

  • Assist in the selection, training and implementation of District standards and initiatives

  • Assist with scheduling; implementation of targets and selection of instructional materials; analyzes test data; determines ways to improve instruction and student goals
    h. Assist in implementing instructional strategies, including supporting the needs of diverse learners, delivery methods, assessment, and staff development techniques for improvement of instruction.

  • Assist in the orientation of new staff members to the teaching environment at the middle school, especially as it relates to the area of students, personnel policy and procedures and general building practices

  • Responsible for assisting the Principal with instructional and organizational leadership, direction, supervision, operations and accountability at the middle school

  • Assume responsibility for implementing discipline procedures as stated in the Student Handbook. Develops innovative strategies, preventative approaches, and proactive plans for students who exhibit at-risk behaviors

  • Act in a supportive role with the principal in working with parents, teachers, and the community to promote the effective flow of communications and ensure positive relations with parents, business leaders and community members.

  • Assist in supervision of custodial staff; creating and implementing safety and crisis response plans; maintaining facility and equipment

  • Assist in the promotion of positive school climate and staff morale through recognition programs and honoring those who excel

  • Promote school safety by implementing safety drills for fire, lockdown, etc. Provides first aid and CPR if needed

  • Conduct investigations; works with law enforcement and enforces District discipline policies

  • Implement co-curricular activities, including athletics, athletic supervision and clubs

  • Assist with: hiring and orientation of licensed and classified staff; teacher and staff evaluations; working through concerns and classroom management; plan and direct meetings, staff development, trainings and in-services; communications; listening, provide and receive feedback, and encouragement for all staff

  • Serve on District-level committees as assigned by the principal or Superintendent. Attends conferences, workshops and meetings to keep informed of current practices and trends in education. Attends meetings of the Board of Education, advisory committees, etc. as requested beyond the regular workday

  • Perform such other tasks and assume such other responsibilities as the Middle School Principal may from time to time assign