COVID-19/Coronavirus Updates & Resources

For updated information from the school district, including important notices, reentry efforts, learning resources, food distribution plans, child care resources and more, please visit the COVID-19/Reentry page.

BOE Goals


The Board of Education will seek to:

  • Educate our student population
  • Foster an environment for 21st century learning
  • Engage students in the process
  • Improve academic outcomes/achieve targets
  • Prepare students for the real world


The Board of Education will seek to:

  • Hire/Retain consistent, effective leadership
  • Hire/Retain consistent, effective teachers
  • Hire/Retain consistent, effective support staff
  • Settle contracts
  • Professionally develop staff


The Board of Education will seek to:

  • Be fiscally responsible
  • Effectively Support program and process
  • Provide transparent budget process
  • Complete projects on time and under budget
  • Maintain stewardship of facilities


The Board of Education will seek to:

  • Act as a role model
  • Be transparent with clarity of decision making
  • Take pride/show pride in work and our community
  • Be a positive presence in the community
  • Encourage/model good customer service