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Capital Project

“The schools are the heartbeat of this town, we are trying to look out 10-15-20 years and see how we can upgrade what we have so that it can be used by more people. This is important for this generation of students and the many who will follow.” – James Latter, RCS Board of Education

Phase II of the capital project is underway.

  • looking down on the construction work being done for the new gym at the high school
    Construction work being done for the new gymnasium at the high school.

Capital Project Phase I & II

Voters took to the polls in January 2015 approving a roughly $50 million capital improvement project at RCS.

The district-wide project is a two-part plan that includes construction, reconstruction or renovation to various district buildings and facilities to implement health, safety, accessibility and code compliance measures.

Lessening the tax impact

The school district is taking advantage of maximum state aid reimbursement, 1.2 million capital reserve money set aside before 2015 and retiring debt ($700,000 in annual debt payments ended in 2016 and another $1.6 million end in 2019) to lessen the tax impact on the community.

Specifically, the first proposition would have a 0.62 percent tax rate impact – a maximum tax increase of $12.42 per year for a home assessed at $100,000 ($1.04 per month).

The second proposition would add a maximum of $2.98 per year to the tax bill on that $100,000 home (25 cents per month).

With both propositions approved, the tax bill on that $100,000 home would increase by a maximum of 0.77 percent or $15.40 per year ($1.29 per month).

Because the retiring debt will come out of the budget in two phases, no tax impact would be felt for these building proposals until 2020-21.

Many of the items in the project are recommendations from the architects, CSArch, that they developed as they conducted RCS condition and facility evaluations.