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An adventurous December, A.W. Becker students enjoy a winter wonderland

Group of students smile at camera while sitting around fake chimney

The A.W. Becker physical education department had a busy December.  On Friday, Dec. 14 students who showed empathy and donated their time or money to the Kids Heart Challenge came to the gym to two teachers covered in ice cream - a large group of students behind them cheeringturn PE teachers Brandon Herwick and Elyse Loughlin into ice cream sundaes.  The students helped the school raise more than $2,000 and increased their participants from last year by 30 students.

After the festivities, Herwick and Loughlin transformed the gymnasium into a Winter Wonderland.  Students pre-K through grade 5 experienced the adventure of making their way from the North Pole to Selkirk, NY.

But the students were not the only ones able to get in on the fun. Kindergarten parents were invited to play in the Winter Wonderland too.

parents and students in phys. ed class

“We would thank all the students and parents that have helped to make this December epic,” Loughlin said.

If you’re looking to stay active over the holiday check out Ms. Loughlin’s website for ideas.