Positive COVID-19 Case at RCS High School, High School Going Completely Remote Through 12-15-20

The Ravena Coeymans Selkirk Central School District was notified by the Albany County Department of Health that an individual associated with the following school tested positive for COVID-19: 

RCS HS - last possible date of contact was 12/1/2020 

As with all confirmed cases, the Albany County Department of Health, in collaboration with the school district, conducts contact tracing to identify any student or staff member who had prolonged, direct contact with the positive individual.  Out of an abundance of caution, students and staff who had prolonged, direct contact with this individual will be quarantined by the Albany County Department of Health.

As a result of some high school staff being placed in preventative quarantine by the Department of Health, high school students will move to Complete Remote Instruction from Tuesday, December 8 through Tuesday, December 15, with students returning to in-person instruction on Wednesday, December 16, 2020.  CTE students will still attend CTE on their regular schedule during this time.  

Please note that The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other privacy laws restrict us from disclosing or confirming any personally identifiable information. We cannot disclose the identity of anyone who has tested positive or has been in contact with a positive COVID-19 case.

Summary of Contact Tracing Protocols

The district activates its response protocols when notified of a positive case by the Albany County Department of Health.  Members of the RCS COVID-19 Action Team begin to gather information for the health department in order to begin contact tracing protocols. This includes class lists, last date in school, seating charts, lunch information, recess information, wearing of masks, social distancing, amount of time spent with individuals, transportation to and from school, attestation, and other details that lend to the most complete assessment of the situation.

The main consideration when recommending mandatory quarantine for precautionary purposes is prolonged, direct contact with a positive individual. The most up to date guidance from New York state regarding this process can be found here. Here is a summary of how the process occurs:

1. A COVID positive individual is classified as Person-A – Placed under mandatory isolation by the Albany County Department of Health and is monitored daily by the DOH.

2. A person in prolonged, direct contact with a COVID positive individual (person classified as Person-A) is classified as Person- B – Placed under mandatory quarantine out of an abundance of caution by the Albany County Department of Health and monitored daily.

3. A person in contact with an individual classified as Person-B is considered to be Person- C– No action recommended by the Albany County Department of Health unless Person-B becomes symptomatic and confirmed positive.

Please add the following phone number (518) 447-4580 to your contacts. It is the number for the Albany County Public Health and may come up as spam on some phones.

We cannot emphasize enough that parents, students and staff members need to be just as vigilant following guidelines outside of school, this includes limiting group gatherings, practicing good hygiene, wearing masks and following social distance guidelines.

It is important to know that:

- All students and staff are required to complete the daily health attestation on any day that they are scheduled to be on school grounds

- All students and staff are required to wear masks

- Classroom seats are spaced with appropriate social distance and students have assigned seats

- Classrooms and public areas are cleaned regularly throughout the school day, and deep cleaned and sanitized at the end of each school day. More health and safety information can be found in the RCS reopening plan.

- Seating assignments also occur on buses 

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. We need to work together to keep everyone safe. Please do not send your child to school sick. If you suspect that you, your child, or someone in your family has been potentially exposed to COVID-19, please contact your personal medical provider. 

The district will continue to closely monitor this situation and will stay in close communication with local and state health officials to ensure we are taking all the appropriate steps. 

As always, the health and safety of students and staff is a priority and we appreciate your continued support.

We ask that families download our new mobile application for mobile phones called RCS Connects. During times like these, it couldn't be more important to stay up-to-date with important news and emergency notifications related to the district.

You can download the app for free on both Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Download for Android: https://bit.ly/30CW6E0
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