COVID-19 Resources on Health Monitoring and Quarantine, 1-7-20

Dear RCS Families,

As we begin 2021, we want to provide you with information and resources from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention on important COVID-19 topics, including siblings of symptomatic students (new guidance), health monitoring, daily attestation, and quarantine guidelines. The following resources are essential towards ensuring the continuation of providing in-person instruction while keeping our community safe. 

Siblings of Symptomatic Students:  The Department of Health notified RCS late on January 6, 2021 that, due to the high COVID-19 positivity rates experienced locally, the Albany County Department of Health advises K-12 school districts to exclude siblings of symptomatic students from attending in-person classes pending COVID-19 test results.  Note: The siblings of sick students should not be sent to school. If a student becomes sick while in school, that student and their siblings will be sent home. Only the symptomatic sibling(s) must be tested and all siblings may return once a negative test result has been received by the school nurse.

Health Monitoring and Daily Attestation:  If you or someone in your family is sick, follow these steps to care for yourself and to help protect other people in your home and community. Parents should truthfully complete the health attestation on any day that students are supposed to be in school, even if they are absent or the school is remote for some reason.  Completion of the attestation is an essential part of our ongoing COVID tracing protocols. Sending a sick child to school may expose other students or our staff to the virus. Sick children and staff must stay home. 

COVID-19 Quarantine Guidelines: Quarantine is a process that keeps infected persons or those that have been exposed to infected persons (contacts), away from others.  This process helps to prevent the spread of disease that can occur before a person knows they are sick or if they are infected with the virus without feeling symptoms.  What does this mean for a quarantined individual?

- They must remain in your home and separate from family members (age-appropriate to the best of your ability) and friends for the duration of the quarantine period. If sharing a common space, it should be cleaned frequently or after each use.

- Contacts of contacts do not need to be placed on quarantine. This means the other members of the household are not automatically placed on quarantine.

- Non-household members/visitors are not permitted in living quarters.

- Quarantined persons may walk outside their home, but must remain on their own property. If they live in a multiple dwelling, they must avoid using common means of departure.

- Closely monitor them for symptoms such as a temperature above 100.4, cough, or other signs of feeling unwell. If such signs and symptoms occur, immediately contact your primary care provider and the Albany County Department of Health (ACDOH) for guidance at (518) 447-4659.

- Children/students who have been exposed to a positive case of COVID-19 should not attend school until a minimum of 10 days from their last contact with that positive case. 

If you have questions about a child’s ability to return to school, please contact your school nurse.  In addition, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued information related to those individuals testing positive for COVID-19 that share living quarters or household with other individuals. That guidance can be located here.  

COVID-19 Safety Protocols:  As a district, we want to remind our entire RCS community that the school district continues to implement safety procedures that are designed to keep our students and staff safe during the pandemic. Those items can be found on the district’s reopening page, here.

We hope that you find these resources helpful.