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Attendance & Absence

In the event of an absence from school:

  • A written excuse signed by a parent/guardian must be submitted within three days of the student’s return to school. Notes will not be accepted after that time.
  • Extended absences of more than five consecutive days require parental contact with the attendance office and counseling center. A note from a medical professional may also be required at that time. (No employer would allow extended absences without a verifiable excuse and a note will help us arrange for tutoring if needed).
  • Students who have an “excused” absence must complete make up work within three days of their return to school or must make alternate arrangements with the teacher within that span of time. Failing to do so may result in a “0” for missed work, quizzes, or tests.

Students who are absent for an “unexcused” reason may not be allowed to make up any missed work.

Excused/Unexcused – Daily absences and early departures are excused or unexcused according to the following:

“Excused” Absences

  • Absences due to personal illness
  • Family illness or death
  • Medical/dental appointments
  • Impassable roads due to inclement weather
  • Religious observance
  • Quarantine
  • Required court appearances
  • Approved college visit
  • Approved cooperative work programs
  • Military obligations
  • Special circumstances pre-approved by the district/building principal

“Unexcused” Absences

  • Family vacation
  • Hunting
  • Babysitting
  • Hair cut
  • Obtaining a learner’s permit (unless with prior approval)
  • Taking a road test (unless with prior approval)
  • Missed bus
  • Oversleeping
  • Unlawful detention/educational neglect- is defined as parental consent for a child to stay home when there is no medical reason or other legitimate reason
  • Truancy- unlawful absence without the knowledge of a parent (there are additional penalties that apply to truancy).

Tardy (Late to School)

Students who are late to school will have consequences as follows:

  • 1-7 lates to school – A note from the parent should be provided upon student entry. Also, if at a medical appointment, please provide a note on medical stationery. If a student misses part or all of a class, he/she may be asked to make that class up after school. Students that are late “unexcused” may forfeit the opportunity to make up any missed work.
  • 8+ lates to school (every late after 7 lates), unless at a medical appointment, will result in an extended detention. A note from the parent should be provided upon student entry.

    Students who are at a medical appointment must provide notice of the appointment on medical stationery (ask your doctor or dentist for a note if you are at a morning appointment).

Here is a crucially important component of this attendance policy:

Course Credit

Students may lose course credit if their absences are in excess of:

  • 10 days for a half year course
  • 20 days for a full year course

Please take a moment to discuss the importance of good attendance with your child. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s guidance counselor.