Blankets for babies – A.W. Becker students pitch in the help babies in the NICU

two student work on a blanket while talking to adult

Laqueena Fernandez, a social work intern at A.W. Becker, led the charge to offer comfort to babies in the Albany Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

“It’s a little personal, my son was born premature,” Fernandez said. “I actually do something every year to help out.”

two student work on a blanketAfter organizing a fleece collection in the school, Fernandez asked for student volunteers to help make the blankets.

“I just like to help people that need stuff,” A.W. Becker student Alexa said.
Fernandez is encouraged to see the student’s reaction to the project and willingness to help. “It gives them an understanding that there are babies that a born early,” Fernandez said. “They might have been born early. They really care and they’ve really helped.”