Class of 2019 takes the stage

graduate smiles as they hug parentA standing ovation marked the end of a chapter for the 138 Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk graduates at their commencement ceremony on June 29. Members of the Class of 2019 were regaled with stories, advice and optimism as they eagerly awaited their chance to move their tassel, symbolizing their accomplishments. Class valedictorian, Sarah Eckl spoke to her peers equating her transition into the district in eighth grade to the transition they will all make as graduates.

“When I moved here I didn’t know what to expect,” Eckl said. “Now, going off to college next year, I once more don’t know what to expect, but I know that it is important to take what comes your way and make the best of it.”

Classmate and salutatorian Christopher Miller also addressed the group, highlighting the different paths the graduates will take.

“On the cusp of graduation with your diploma, you all have endless possibilities to what that dream could be and what success you could find,” Miller said. “Use the diploma you receive today as a start on your journey to find success and stop at nothing less. Always keep your dream alive.”

Superintendent Brain Bailey, Ed.D solicited the help of parents to share words of wisdom with the graduates and offered one last challenge to the group.

“We expect you to go bravely forth and create your own story, your own memories and own history of how you used what you have learned during your million minutes with us here at RCS,” he said.

And, just before the students took to the stage to accept their diplomas, RCS High School Principal Lisa Patierne left them with one more dose of encouragement.

“Whether you are off to college or to a career, you will be riding the track of life,” she said. “If you are following your passion you will feel joy and excitement, just like you do when you first get on the coaster… On this coaster called life there will always be ups and there will always be downs, how you respond to those ups and downs in life is what determines the outcome.”

RCS Class of 2019 Top Ten

  • Sarah Lynn Eckl 1 N AH MM MS T
  • Christopher Kenneth Miller 2 N AH MM MS T
  • Madison T. Dutton 3 N AH MM MS
  • Allison Paige Clark 4 N AH
  • Madison R. Tracey 5 N AH
  • Abigail J. Varney 6 N AH MST
  • Laya Elizabeth Mathai 7 N AH MS T
  • Gillian W. Burch 8 N AH MM
  • Adrian Arthur Bermejo 9 NA
  • Caitlin Grace Orsino 9 NA


  • Jordyn Abatto N A
  • Breanna Laurel Ableman
  • Alexis A. Albright A
  • Dylan Nicholas Allman
  • Mary Catherine Anderson
  • Adison Reese Aragona A
  • Valiera K. Arnold
  • Alina Marie Aubin
  • Samantha Faye Baker A
  • Rafael Victor Balls
  • Juliann Lynn Banahan
  • Travis Daniel Boomer A
  • Meghan Elizabeth Borger N A
  • Christopher Jacob Borowiec
  • Cody Ross Brate
  • Maranda Lee Broadhurst
  • Danielle Aaryanna Brown A
  • Spencer Truman Brown A
  • Grace Riley Bullard
  • Brian Paul Burns
  • Joceline Fidelia Carmel
  • Andrew Michael Clark A
  • Jasmine Colon
  • Cayla Lynn Corlew A
  • Kayla Marilyn Cross A
  • Christopher Cruz A
  • Celina Elizabeth Pearl Davis
  • Naja Jean Davis A
  • Jazmin Delina Dickson
  • Laura Marie Disorbo
  • Lara Elizabeth Domery
  • Cali Diane Dorsey A
  • Alan Michael Joseph Duquette
  • Kaylee Eacho A
  • Lauren Evans T
  • Chloe A. Fahey
  • Deslinee Fantroy
  • Jesse Todd Ferri
  • Jessica Clara Hogan
  • Dana Morgan Hotaling N A
  • Samuel Lucas Hotaling N A
  • Gavin Malcolm Hummel A
  • Evelyn Grace Hyer N A
  • Tyrell I. lrvis A
  • Mackenzie Aileen Jones N A MS T
  • Caleb Joseph Kellam
  • Victoria Ellene Kendrick A
  • Alexandra J. KlerckerA
  • Reidun Elizabeth Knaust-Wood N A
  • Victoria Elizabeth Kuchta A
  • Mackenzie Anita Kunkle N A
  • Daniel J. LaDuke A
  • Taylor L. LaDuke
  • Clay Jackson LaFalce
  • Marlon 0. Laing A
  • Miranda Joy laMountain
  • Chandler Paul Lawson
  • Evelyn Irene Lawton A T
  • Simon Carl Lindmark NA T
  • Kayla Thersille Loomis N A
  •  Najai Tiffany Kyla
  • Lopez-Patterson
  • Jacob Macera A
  • Brett Margiasso
  • Thomas Mackey Marsh IV Brian Maquire
  • Faithe Lynn McElroy
  • Quinn McNeillyA
  • Zoee Lynn McNeilly A
  • Brandon Michael-Saul Mogul
  • Samuel Alexander Mohler
  • Makenzie Elise Moore
  • Hailey S. Morgan N AH T
  • Logan Moss
  • Elizabeth Mukha
  • Margaret Lynn Mullaney
  • Cora L. Munson
  • Jessica Grace Newkirk
  • Melissa Sue Norton
  • Logan E. O’Brien A
  • Jada Alexis O’Keefe
  • Braden Ray Pagan MS
  • lzabella I. Palange A
  • Austin M. Peppin P
  • Rylee Elizabeth Polverelli A
  • Julianna Proctor
  • Brandee Gean Quenneville
  • Brandon M. Racine
  • Kayla Marie Rexford N A
  • Gabriella N. Ricciardi NA T P
  • Paige Dia Rolleri A
  • Camden D. Ross
  • Cody Michael Ross
  • Destiny Marie Rossman
  • Emma R. Rowzee N A
  • Christian Alexander Salvio A
  • Bryan Murrell Schwabrow N A MS
  • Elizabeth Sereikis
  • Abigail Rose Shanley
  • Grace Shear
  • Livia L. Silverbush A
  • Sierra Marie Sipperly
  • Travis John Sleurs
  • Brittney Alexis Smolen
  • Carter Shea Sorensen A
  • Christopher M. St.Gelais II
  • Autumn Staats
  • Cheyanne Elizabeth Stack
  • Sara Stangle A
  • Jared Quinn Strokes
  • Kayleen E. Taber
  • Jessica Lyn Taylor
  • Mackenzie Morgan Therrien A
  • Kevin Markoni Thome
  • Demetreus Dontae Todman A
  • Lindsay Joan Tutay
  • Owen William Vay
  • Bethany Pryde Vierschilling
  • Noah Wagoner
  • Adam S. Wells A
  • Aydin Christopher White
  • Skyler Mikayla Wickes A
  • Destiny Williams
  • Conner D. Wills N AH MS
  • Logan James Wilson N AH T
  • Addison Michael Zessin A
  • Josie Zhang A


1-10 Top Ten

N National Honor Society

A Advanced Regents Diploma

RH/AH Regents or Advanced Regents Diploma with Honors

MM Mastery in Mathematics

MS Mastery in Science

T Tri-M Music Honor Society

P Perfect Attendance