Updated calendar for end of school year

Each year the State requires 180 days of student attendance. Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk CSD sets aside five emergency closure days on the calendar, which gives the district room to close if needed without losing scheduled recess days. Since all of the emergency days were not used this year, the district will be taking the contingent student recess day on Thursday, May 23 (meaning no school that day).

Based on the total number of emergency closure days used for closures, each school has a different calendar for the end of the year and therefore different dates for the last day of school. Here is a list of dates for all schools:

  • June 3: HS Regents Exam Day
  • June 11: AWB & PBC – (UPK – 5) Early Dismissal (12:30 p.m.) for K-5 students -for placement meetings
  • June 18-25: HS Regents Exam Days
  • June 18: AWB Pre-K Blast Off (9:30 am/2:00 pm)
  • June 19: AWB Grade 5 Moving Up Day, 9:30 am AND Kindergarten Graduation, 1:30 pm
  • June 20: AWB, PBC & MS – (UPK – 8)  early dismissal; MS Earth Science Regents Exam at HS
  • June 21: AWB Last Day and Early Dismissal; PBC Early Dismissal; MS Last Day Grade 6 & 7 and Early Dismissal
  • June 24: PBC Last Day and Early Dismissal; PBC Grade 5 Moving Up Ceremony (10 a.m.); MS Last Day for Grade 8 and Early Dismissal, Spanish/French Final Exam in the HS
  • June 29: HS Graduation

Please contact your child’s school with any questions or concerns.