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Equations plus Bee Bucks equals fun at A.W. Becker’s inaugural Math Marathon

three students hold a math marathon sign

Regular practice of math facts helped prepare A.W. Becker students for their first Math Marathon the week of Nov. 2. The marathon was an initiative to increase math fluency at all levels in the school.

Each grade participated in the event, trying to beat the buzzer as the timed challenge encouraged students to demonstrate their knowledge of math. If the math-letes met the set grade-level goal, they earned 20 Bee Bucks to use at the school store.

“The students worked very hard to earn their Bee Bucks,” said Debra Neubart, an RCS Math and Science Curriculum Content Specialist. “They were so motivated.”

The event was such a success, Neubart said she plans on holding another similar event in the spring.

girl collecting bee bucks after completing math task a boy and girl hold up their math certificates