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Message from Dr. Bailey – safe schools

I am writing to you keep you apprised of our ongoing efforts to maintain a safe and successful learning environment for all students. Friday, March 23, on the day of our high school pep rally, local law enforcement and school officials began the day by investigating comments that were overheard on one of our school buses. As is a normal part of our response process when school safety is concerned, students were interviewed and our high school went into a brief shelter-in-place while we verified that there were no risks to our students or staff.

After investigation by police and school officials, all rumors about a potential threat to our school safety were found to be false. Classes continued as normal through the end of the day, and the day concluded with a pre-scheduled pep rally.

We communicated the shelter-in-place to parents via our School News Notifier (SNN) network within minutes of entering the shelter-in-place, and we also notified parents via SNN that we left the shelter-in-place upon its conclusion. SNN is an “opt in” notification system that any parent, family or community member can join by accessing our school district website. This notification system is separate from our “robocall” phone system that has been used for sending messages to every family in the district for snow emergencies or planned dismissals.

Safety is an ongoing focus in each of our school buildings. We will continue to review and practice our safety protocols, as well as focusing on our school’s social-emotional wellness. The strength of our community depends on our shared ownership over maintaining what is right and good in this world. Supporting each other during these difficult times is an essential component to our success.

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