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Nearly 20 RCS Middle School students submit poems to competition

Group of students hold their poems up.Students in Christina Moloney’s seventh- and eighth-grade English classes were tasked with writing and illustrating a poem titled “What My Name Means.” Their poems reflect how others see them and how they see themselves.

The assignment was based on a competition put forth by Scope magazine. Once the poems were complete, Moloney offered students the opportunity to submit their work to the Scope poetry competition.

Group of students hold up poemsThe poems began by describing what other people think the student’s name means, based on what they know about them.

“My neighbor thinks my name means, ‘strong little girl,’” Elizabeth Horvath wrote.

“My older brother thinks my name means loves family and football,” William Richardson wrote.

Then, each poem ended with a self-reflection of what other people may not see or know about the student.

“I dream of owning a beautiful farm, near lakes,” Jake Porter wrote.

“I hope my family sees how much I love them,” Alivia Ortiz wrote.

“I dream of being a space engineer,” Robert Conners wrote.

Moloney had students in each grade participate by submitting their poems to be judged. The poems will be judged on creativity, clarity and strength of descriptive language.