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Parents, students delighted and exhausted from annual Take Your Parent to PE week

“PE is not what it used to be, it’s activity, activity, activity.”

mother and son sit on gym floor, facing each other, stretching one leg each

During a fun, interactive week, parents joined their children in physical education (PE) class to get a small taste of what PE is like for students. The week was aimed at encouraging parents to be risk-takers by joining their child and emboldening families to be physically active together at home and in the community.

Jessica Wichmann’s daughter counted down the days until her mom joined her in class. Wichmann was excited to see how PE has changed over the years.

two boys and grandfather play with a balloon“It’s way more challenging,” Wichmann said. “But it’s honestly way more fun than when I was in elementary school.”

Antoinesia Morrison surprised her sixth-grader, looking forward to meeting his teacher and become involved in the activities. She, herself was surprised at the engaging and collaborative lessons and how active the students were in class.

“This was fun,” Morrison said. “Being able to run around and be free and not staying in one spot. It’s a lot more active, now.”

Parents were not the only ones to take part in the events, grandparents also joined in on the fun. David Wolfe participated in not one, but two classes, one for his granddaughter and one for his grandson.

“They do a lot of work,” Wolfe said. ‘They do a lot of running, get a lot of exercise. It’s not what it used to be, it’s activity, activity, activity.”

circle of students and parents jog in placeWhen asked if they would participate in the event again next year, the response was an overwhelming ‘yes!’

“It’s cool to see what the kids are actually doing in school, you don’t get that opportunity very often,” Wichmann said.