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PBC classes get into the newspaper business


School assembly launching student newspaper.
RCS staff kicking off the announcement of a Pieter B. Coeymans Elementary fourth grade school newspaper.

Recently, Pieter B. Coeymans Elementary fourth grade students learned that they would soon begin a unique project to build a school-based newspaper. Students participated in an assembly, which was led by RCS Project Based Learning Coach Kate Thibault, which kicked-off the announcement of the project on Tuesday, January 14.

The participating students were also introduced to Times Union Graphic Artist Carol Farley who spoke to the students about the importance and excitement of branding products, advertising opportunities and connecting with their audience. Students were also given the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for the newspaper and vote on an official name in the coming weeks. In addition, students will also decide on an editorial staff and direction of the project. 

“We wanted to create a path to engage the students, while offering opportunities to expand what they are currently learning in today’s classroom,” said Pieter B. Coeymans Principal Hakim Jones. “The option to have this project and partner with community organizations provides a great deal of experience to our students. We are looking forward to seeing the students create content and learn how to present news to their fellow classmates.” 

Times Union Graphic Artist Carol Farley speaks to the students.
Times Union Graphic Artist Carol Farley speaks to the students about the importance and excitement of branding products for today’s newspaper.

The project, which was launched today with students, will encompass the usual aspects of a newspaper, such as: current events, sports, cartoons, news, artwork and advice columns. Teachers will be handing over the responsibility of creating the newspaper to students who will collaborate together to become writers, editors, creators, and problem solvers with teachers and faculty facilitating their process of learning through the project.  Their goal is to compile a monthly newspaper for the entire school community. Participating students will also learn the basics of creating content, editing and understanding how a newspaper works and how it delivers information to communities.

Stay tuned for updates on their progress and see how they are sharing news and information with their fellow classmates.