Pieter B. students learn about Election Day

Students in a polling station
Pieter B. students experiencing voting in their classroom.

Recently, a second grade classroom at Pieter B. Coeymans Elementary sought out the meaning of Election Day. Prior to the holiday weekend, the class was unaware of the purpose of voting. So, they decided to learn more about the right to vote and the process that follows. Assisted by their teacher, the class dove into informational materials that defined the significance of voting. Students then began to process the decision-making steps that go into voting, as well as understanding what happens at a polling station as a registered ‘student’ voter.

Utilizing Google Classroom, students voted electronically and then interpreted their data to see who won their election. The student’s experienced firsthand the important factors that go into Election Day. Great effort by this Pieter B. classroom to learn about an important constitutional right in the United States.