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Pieter B. wins first annual Duel of the Schools wrestling match against A.W. Becker

Pieter B. students win first annual Duel of the Schools wrestling match

Varsity wrestling coach Justin Schipano hopes a wrestling match held on March 4 between A.W. Becker and Pieter B. Coeymans youth wrestling programs is just the first in a new tradition of annual wrestling matches known as the Duel of the Schools.

In a packed gymnasium with wrestling fans cheering on each of the athletes, the Pieter B. program came out on top, winning the four-foot trophy with a score of 74 to 32. The trophy will be displayed at the school until next year’s duel when Pieter B. will defend their title.

“Both teams showed tremendous ability and sportsmanship,” Schipano said. “This newly found tradition will continue for as long as I am here and hopefully long after.”