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Questions surround damage of RCS fields

tire tracks mar the field behind the high school

On Wednesday, Feb. 17, an unwelcome sight greeted Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk officials – multiple fields on the high school and middle school campus had been gouged by a series of tire tracks.

deep tire tracks in the grass

Tracks on the field behind the high school are visible from County Route 101. Several sets of tire tracks run down the hill from the road to the field, some more distinct than others. The field is now marked with large, muddy semi-circles and additional tracks etched in a crisscross pattern.

In order to gain vehicle access, someone also opened two gates that lead to the track and football field, and drove across the track and on to the field, leaving muddy damage in their wake.

tire tracks on the football fieldRCS Superintendent Robert Libby was disappointed as he surveyed the destruction. “It is disheartening that someone would damage the fields our students play on and the track that students and the community use,” Libby said.

In an attempt to prevent further damage to the track and field, the gates surrounding the area will now be locked from dusk until dawn. At dawn, the pedestrian gate nearest the pool parking area will be unlocked to allow community use of the track.

“This also brings to light what precautions will need to be in place during the spring construction project,” Libby said. “With the installation of a new turf football field, the gates allowing vehicle access to the field will have to be locked to prevent another similar occurrence.”

The Coeymans Police Department is investigating the incident and urges anyone with information to come forward.