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RCS 2020-21 School Bus Routes Available – Updated 9-15-2020

After some practice this week, we have updated a few bus runs and ask that you please consult our website for updates to the PBC bus route “I,” Middle School bus route #1, and Middle/High School Bus Route 9 (which is now 9 and 10).

Also, our bus routes and times for our Mohonasen and Albany Career and Tech Students have been posted.  Please know that we are focused on delivering all of our students to and from their homes as safely and quickly as possible.  Changes to these locations will take some time as we get our buildings up and running.

Mohonasen CTE Routes as of 9-15-20
RCS Updated Bus Routes
Albany CTE PM Routes as of 9-15-20
RCS Albany CTE AM Bus Routes

Information below provided on September 11, 2020

Here are the bus routes for the 2020-21 school year.

This has unquestionably been the most complex year to develop bus routes amid the many constraints that the State Education Department and the Department of Health have placed on us.  We had to consider many factors, including social distancing on buses, class size of 15 or fewer, and families who selected for their child to do an in-person/remote learning model, completely remote model, or decided to drive their child to and from school.  The sum of these decisions and careful consideration for the delicate balance of all factors is what has allowed RCS to open at all.  We are grateful to the families who responded to our surveys and made it possible for us to make the decisions to open.

These are very unusual times right now and for us to be able to open school at all we have had to make some adjustments to our routing, pick-up and drop off of students.  Board of Education Policy states that students may be asked to walk up to a ½ mile to get to their bus stop.  Where we may have previously been able to drive down certain roads to pick-up and drop-off students is simply not possible with the limitations of capacity on our buses and the timelines needed to get our students in and out of school.  If you do not see your specific house address, look for a group stop at a nearby intersection. 

RCS Bus Routes – A.W. Becker Elementary

RCS Bus Routes – Pieter B. Coeymans Elementary

RCS Bus Routes – Green Cohort

RCS Bus Routes – Yellow Cohort

RCS Bus Routes – Grades 5&6