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RCS administration addresses problematic tenth period transportation

The district is currently experiencing a shortage of bus drivers that has resulted in an interruption of the district’s ability to provide transportation home after tenth period. This is an academic support period that provides assistance to those who either require or want it in the middle and high school.

“We recognize that this is a critical time of year and that students need to have as many resources available as possible,” said School Business Manager Joanne Moran.

“Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the driver shortage will correct itself before June as training new drivers is a lengthy process, one that cannot be rushed.”

To help mitigate the issue and ensure that all students have access to the extra resources provided by tenth period, the two schools have arranged for additional instructional staff to be available to work with students until 5 p.m. on days when the district is unable to provide tenth period transportation at the normal 2:40 time. During this time, staff will be available in the library or computer lab in both the middle and high school.

Students have the option to take the 5 p.m. bus home or arrange for parent pickup between 2:40 and 5 p.m.

Our district is one of many in the region that are experiencing a bus driver shortage. Moran says RCS has ongoing recruitment efforts, is continuing to reach out to contract transportation providers and is evaluating the possibility of training existing staff members from other district positions that have indicated an interest in securing a CDL license.

“We apologize for the effect this has had on RCS families and students; we are working hard to remedy the situation,” Moran said.