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RCS Capital Project continues into 2019

The capital improvement project, voted on by Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk residents in January 2015, is a district-wide project that includes construction, reconstruction or renovation to various district buildings and facilities. The focus of these changes is to implement capital improvement as well as health, safety, accessibility and code compliance measures. The project is in its second phase which will continue into 2019.

high school front entrance
High School front entrance.

Much of Phase II of the project has been completed, with a few delays. As in many large-scale projects, unexpected barriers including long delivery times on materials, poor weather conditions and unforeseen construction modifications, have delayed final completion.

new high school gymnasium
New High School gymnasium.

However, much of the project has moved forward through these obstacles. As students and community members alike have seen, the new gymnasium opened during the last school year. The space hosts physical education classes as well as extracurricular and community events. While the majority of construction in this space is complete, small features such as door hardware, additional lighting, and modified floor striping are still slated to be installed by contractors.

Security measures were upgraded at both the middle and high schools, creating a vestibule for visitors to wait while signing in or picking up their student. Due to long lead times on materials, the middle school vestibule, while secure, is not yet complete. When finished, the area will include a new window that will allow visitors to hand ID directly to a staff member for verification.

Middle School Large Group Room
Middle School Large Group Room.

The middle school cafeteria is scheduled to open in December, 2018, with a newly designed food selection area and upgraded kitchen. Just down the hall, the renovated Large Group Room (LGR) is open for student and staff to use, with minor work still being done to complete the space.

At the high school, visitors are now greeted with a new canopy at the main entrance. The foundation of the canopy is in place. However, construction on the structure is still on-going and will include new signage and a full cover to protect staff, students and visitors from the elements. Inside the main entrance, a construction wall is still in place as work on the new music suite and renovated small gym space continues. The area is slated to be complete at the end of January, 2019.

Bad weather and long-range planning for a water supply that will both establish and maintain the fields behind the high school has delayed its completion until the spring of 2019. The fields will remain dormant this winter and spring but should be available for fall sports.

As Phase II of the project wraps-up, the capital project team will assess the project budget thus far and plan for a final construction phase to launch next year.