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RCS educators focus on empathy during professional development workshops

presenter standing over a teacher explaining mindfulness to the classOn a day when students were scheduled to go home early, Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk teachers and staff stayed through the afternoon to continue their personal learning during a professional development session. The session was broken down into mini seminars all focused around the theme of empathy. Teachers and staff chose from a list of offerings that touched on culturally responsive teaching, issues around trauma and mental health, and using tech to support personalized learning.

group of teachers sit a tables listening to presenter

Presenters from in- and outside the district worked with teachers and staff to expand their understanding on a variety of topics including, drugs and social media awareness, mindfulness in education, trauma sensitivity, and yoga. Each subject matter allowed its participants to explore student learning beyond classroom.

A special thanks to the presenters:

  • two teachers doing yogaEllen Dragonette, Instructor, Yana Yoga
  • Bethany Gonyea, Albany Peace Project
  • Leah Johnson, Instructor, Radiance Hot Yoga
  • Amber LaPointe, Owner, Yana Yoga
  • Dr. Tammy Robinson, Director, Skribblers Magazine; Instructional Support
  • Specialist, University at Albany
  • Investigator Thomas Praisner, Office of Professional Standards Unit Albany County Sheriffs
  • Dr. Brian Bailey, Superintendent, RCS
  • Cara Buckley, Instructional Technologist, RCS
  • Renee DiStefano, Computer Teaching Assistant, RCS
  • Debra Neubart, Principal, A.W. Becker Elementary School
  • Dr. Lisa Patierne, Principal, RCS High School
  • Lori Rohan, Teacher, RCS Middle School
  • Joe Slichko, Asst. Principal, RCS High School