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RCS Middle School Clubs & Activities

Homework Club

  • Mondays-Nicole Weiss and Abby Retzlaff
  • Tuesdays-Erin Sawyer and Daria Carusone
  • Wednesdays-Bethany Losito and Kristi Kemmer
  • Thursdays-Leslie Graves and Shawn Snyder

Held in the library (518-756-5200 ext. 3203)

Art Club

Art Club is a club for seventh- and eighth-grade students. The club provides opportunities for members to work on creative, in-depth projects and independent studies. Art Club is more laid back than a typical classroom setting. Every year Art Club members create a mural that is hung in the Middle School. This club engages students in a variety of activities including set-up for the Art Show, learning about different types of drawing and artists, paintings and crafts, and exploring individual interests that cannot be covered during regular class. Art Club is offered during 10 period, Monday through Thursday and students are required to come at least once during each week. Typically, Art Club starts in early October and ends the night of the Art Show in May.

  • Adviser: Tim Meservey
  • Held in Room 116 (518-756-5200, ext 3116)

Best Buddies

Best Buddies is an organization dedicated to establishing one-to-one friendships for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).
Our middle school chapter meets twice a month, one 10 period meeting and once until 5 p.m. for an activity. We do a few fundraisers a year that students participate in. We also participate in regional best buddies events sponsored by our program manager for Best Buddies New York.

  • Advisers: Daria Carusone, Patty Stockman, Pam Ginder, Maria Semenick
  • Held in Room 114 and 240 (518-756-5200, ext. 3114  and 3240)

Astronomy Club

  • Adviser: Jennifer Jaskolka

Drama Club

Adviser: Ben April

Held in the Band Room (518-756-5200 ext. 3127)


FACS Club is open to all middle school students. FACS Club is a club that uses skills learned in Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) to help our community. Some examples of our activities are: raising money for The Leukemia Society, making food for the Damien Center or the Senior Projects and sewing quilts for the Linus Project.

The Club meets on Tuesdays, 10 period for the entire school year. Some meetings may be scheduled until 5 p.m. In order to participate with field trips or come to special events, students must have come to at least three meetings prior to the event.

  • Adviser: Molly Jennes
  • Held in Room 120 (518-756-5200, ext. 3120)

French Club

Seventh and eighth-grade students who are taking French 1A or French 1B are invited to join the French Club! Students participate in a variety of activities which will include: learning about the French –speaking countries (i.e. France, Canada, Polynesian Islands, Africa), sing holiday songs, make holiday cards, watch French movies, eat French cuisine, organize the annual Hawaiian Spring Fling Dance and “le Jour de Bowling” (Bowling Day). Students may also have the opportunity to travel to Montreal/Quebec, Canada in June. Some community events may include organizing a food drive and the “Saving Lids to Save lives” program. A Bientot! (See you soon!)

  • Adviser: Molly Jennes
  • Held in Room 120 (518-756-5200, ext. 3120)

Hiking Club

Hiking Club is open to all students in grades 6-8. The club will offer students the opportunity to learn aspects of hiking that will make their hikes safe and enjoyable. Over the course of the year, students will learn about map reading, nutrition, first aid, equipment, and the possible dangers associated with hiking.


Intramurals is open to all students in grades 6-8. It allows students the ability to participate in additional physical activity. Students will increase cardio-vascular fitness, develop sportsmanship, and increase self-esteem. Student’s participation each day is limited to 25 students.

Students who wish to attend can sign up weekly on the PE bulletin board outside the girl’s locker room. Monday is the 6th grade intramural day, Tuesday is for 7th and 8th grade girls, Wednesday is for seventh and eighth grade boys and Thursday is for PE class makeups, for students who have missed class and want to earn credit for what they missed. Students will get a pre-signed pass from their PE teacher to attend on Thursdays. If a student needs to make up a class and can’t attend on a Thursday, they can get a pre-signed pass from a teacher to attend on another intramural day. Intramurals will begin in late September and end in late May.

  • Boys’ Advisers: Kevin Reinisch & Patty Stockman
  • Girls’ Advisers: Majiel Baker & Megan McClave
  • Held in the Gymnasium (518-756-5200, ext. 3428)

Jazz Ensemble

The Middle School Jazz Ensemble is a select ensemble open to instrumental music students in grades 6 – 8 by audition only. Students who have experience on saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, drum set, bass guitar or electric guitar are welcome to audition. The group explores music from the areas of jazz, swing, Latin, bebop, pop, and rock and consists of approximately 18-25 members. Auditions are held during the last week of September and rehearsals start at the beginning of October. Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings from 6-8 p.m. and on some Monday evenings as well.

Select ensemble concerts are held twice a year, usually in January and May, and other school and community performance opportunities may be scheduled throughout the year.

  • Adviser: Kermit Wamsley
  • Held in the Band Room, (518-756-5200, ext. 3127)

Jr. National Honor Society

NJHS is open to all seventh- and eighth-grade students who have maintained a minimum 90 average each quarter and have also had a minimum number of absences with no misconduct reports. After meeting these minimum requirements they must write a brief essay and receive faculty support. In the club we develop and promote the ideals of community, leadership and service. We do this through fundraisers to improve the school and the community. At the end of the year there is a celebratory field trip along with the induction ceremony of the incoming class. We generally meet the first Wednesday of each month from October through June.

  • Advisers: Steve Colon and Bethany Losito
  • Held in Room 236 and 136 (518-756-5200, ext. 3236 and 3231)

Natural Helpers

  • Advisers: Kathy Durivage

Newspaper Club

Do you read the newspaper? Want to know more about them? Want to know what goes into the production of a good newspaper? If so, come join us! We will take what we learn and conclude the year with an edition of our own student newspaper, written and edited by club members. Open to students in grades 6-8.

  • Adviser: Ted Smith
  • Held in Room 238 (518-756- 5200, ext. 3210)

Photography Club

The Photography Club is open to all students in grades 6-8. The students will use cameras as a tool in one of the six modes of visual learning — exploring, recording, communicating, expressing, motivating, and imaging. In addition, photography has its own vocabulary and its own grammar. The students will learn and apply some basic photography principles as member of this club. Students will gain an understanding of the value of photography as a modern art form. We plan for students to be able to enter photography contests. The club meets every other Wednesday, 10 period. Please note students may have to stay until 5 p.m. for special activities.

  • Adviser: Erin Sawyer
  • Held in Room 216 (518-756- 5200, ext. 3216)

Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports Club

PBIS Club, formerly known as “Natural Helpers,” is a group of students dedicated to supporting the behavioral expectations throughout the school. The students are role models encouraging others to reinforce the PBIS expectations: Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to learn.

The group will help with making posters, reading announcements, making handmade prizes for our Golden Ticket reward system as well as other jobs necessary to support PBIS. All students are encouraged to participate in the club. Meetings are period 10 every other Monday.

  • Adviser: Kathy Durivage
  • Held in Room 218 (518-756-5200, ext. 3029)

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is a selected team of 15 middle school students (may include up to five ninth-graders who were on the team the previous year) who are committed to become experts on several science or technology topics. The topics vary from year to year and cover a wide range of scientific disciplines. They will be part of a team that will compete at the regional level, and if the team qualifies, compete at the state tournament. Interested students must fill out an application, take a test, and be dedicated to the team. Science Olympiad meets at least twice a week for two hours each meeting until all competitions are over.

  • Adviser: Jen Jaskolka & Jared Bevington
  • Held in Room 232 (518-756-5200, ext. 3232)

Select Chorus

Select Chorus is offered by audition to all chorus students in grades 6-8. It provides students an opportunity to sing a variety of challenging music and varied genres in a small ensemble. There are approximately 24-28 students selected. There are two concerts per year. Due to the limited amount of rehearsal time, attendance is very important for each singer. Information that is more detailed will be available from the music staff at the beginning of the school year.

  • Adviser: Ben April
  • Held in Room 122 (518-756-5200, ext. 3122)

Spanish Club

The purpose of the Spanish Club is to develop an appreciation of the Spanish Language and culture through fun, hands-on activities. Students may be involved in Hispanic holiday celebrations, Hispanic craft sessions, and holiday singing.

  • Adviser: Eliza Volinsky
  • Held in Room 207 (518-756-5200, ext. 3207)

Stamp Club

The Stamp Club is open to all students in grades 6-8. Members of this club will become involved in using rubber stamps, color pencils, markers, watercolor, etc. to create art. Creating scrapbook pages will also be part of this club.

  • Adviser: Jennifer Jaskolka
  • Held in Room 232 (518-756-5200, ext. 3232)


Every other Wednesday, 2:02-4:45 p.m.

Advisers: Erin Sawyer and Molly Jennes

Held in the library (518-756-5200 ext. 3203)

Stock Market Club

The Stock Market Club is open to all students. It is a computer simulation of Wall Street trading played on the internet from September through April. The Club meets every other Wednesday during the tenth period. Students are placed in teams and are given an imaginary $200,000 to invest in common stocks. Students learn about investments and lessons for life. The club integrates math/reading, social studies, language arts, and computer skills. There are two 10-week games played. One will be played in the fall and one in the spring.

  • Advisers: Abby Retzlaff and Erin Sawyer
  • Held in Room 202 (518-756-5200, ext. 3202)

Student Council

Student council is open to all students in grades 6-8. Only seventh- and eighth-graders may be officers. This group works on individual projects to make our school community a better place. The group also sponsors and organizes the student activity nights and dances for the school. Student Council Officers meet twice a month. The entire Student Council (officers and homeroom representatives) meets once a month.

  • Advisers: Daria Carusone and Patty Stockman
  • Held in Room 114 and 240 (518-756-5200, ext. 3114 and 3240)

Trading Post

Trading Post in our middle school is an entrepreneurial business with students as the operators. The Trading Post is located on the main hallway in front of the nurse’s office. Items for sale include all necessary school supplies, suggested supplies such as locker accessories, USB “Flash/Jump” Drive, a light weight and handy way to transport work from a home computer to school and more.
Students interested in running and working at the school store will be invited to an organizational meeting in September. Listen to the daily announcement for the date and time.

  • Adviser: Daria Carusone
  • Held in Room 114 (518-756-5200, ext. 3114)


This club is open to all students in grades 6-8. Students are introduced to a variety of video and computer techniques to produce commercials; movie promos, and information films. Members will learn what technologies are available to make creative projects and multi-media presentations. Students will also be introduced to computer coding and programming to create simple video games. Club meets Tuesdays tenth period for the entire school year.

  • Adviser: Cara Buckley
  • Held in the Library (518-756-5200, ext. 3203)


Students collaborate to put together the current year’s yearbook. They choose a theme, design the front cover, take photographs of student life, use the computer to design pages and edit.

The club is open to seventh- and eighth-grade students and usually meets one day a week during 10th period from September to March. Depending on the amount of work to be done, our meetings, at times, can run until 4-5 p.m.

A limited number of students are accepted, usually 8-12. In order to be considered, students must complete an application packet.

  • Adviser: Jean Hanlon
  • Held in Room 230 (518-756-5200, ext. 3230)