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RCS program changing perspectives at HS

RCS student working in RCS High School student store.
RCS student Nick O’Reilly carefully reviews receipts from the RCS School Store cash register.

Did you know? The month of February is Career and Technical Education Month. School districts across the nation look to feature the unique and critical programs aimed at preparing today’s students for the workforce and future educational efforts. RCS has various curriculums and classes that can meet those standards and then some. Case in point, meet RCS’s Nick O’Reilly. As part of the RCS’s Career Development Occupational Studies Graduation Pathway (CDOS) program, Mr. O’Reilly is experiencing how to run a small retail operation and utilizing the opportunity to expand on his personal and professional skill sets.

As part of his program, O’Reilly was using Naviance software to determine what his interests were for college or technical training. According to its website, Naviance is a comprehensive college, career and life readiness solution that helps districts and schools align student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life. After some time reviewing options with his teacher, Mrs. Martin, he began to sense a trend. His thought process and research led him to possibly running a small business tied to training dogs. He found his passion and is using his responsibilities at the RCS School store to strengthen his work ethic, building his work experience to share with future employers and sharpening his people skills.

RCS student working in school store.
RCS student Nick O’Reilly enjoying his experience within the RCS Career Development Occupational Studies Graduation Pathway (CDOS) program.

Nick is participating in earning academic credit and the CDOS Credential through completing the career/college readiness curriculum, along with experiencing a work-based learning experience,” said CDOS Instructor Maureen Martin. “Nick’s enthusiasm, motivation and eagerness to be involved in the program is inspiring. In a short period of time, he has grown in his self-confidence, gained excitement towards his future and he continues to achieve his goals in the retail field! Nick is doing awesome!”

During Career and Technical Education Month, we will be featuring multiple students in the CDOS program and show how they are working to create employment opportunities and creating options to better themselves for today’s workforce.

“This program has offered me a great opportunity to better myself,” said Nick O’Reilly. “No program has created a spark like CDOS has for my RCS educational experience. I love this program and I’m fortunate to have assistance from Mrs. Martin. The steps I’m taking will help me figure out my future. I’m excited and proud.”