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Second annual A.W. Becker STEAM engages students

Three students working on a science project, attaching a cardboard tube to an orange juice carton“It was a awesome day of innovation, fun and learning for A.W. Becker”

Future scientists and engineers were hard at work at A.W. Becker’s second annual STEAM Day. Using everyday materials such as paper towel tubes, straws, cotton balls, tape, newspaper and craft sticks, students in grades Pre-K through grade 5 participated in various engineering challenges.  

Pre-K and kindergarten students built a new bed for Goldilocks so she wouldn’t have to sleep in Baby Bear’s bed. First grade students built an escape route for Rapunzel so she could get out of her tower without hurting her head anymore.

While the primary grades were busy, students in grades 2-5 participated in the Great Deserted Island Steam Challenge. These students were responsible for helping a group of castaways survive and get off of a deserted island. They built a bridge over crocodiles to get to food, a hut for shelter, a catapult to fight off invading pirates, and a raft to get back to civilization.  

In addition to these challenges, students from RCS Middle School came to share their knowledge of engineering by teaching the younger students how to make Ooblec, how to get rice grains to dance, how to get balloons to inflate, how to create sound,  how objects sink and float, and how to use a microscope to see ticks. They also had student volunteers assisting with the engineering challenges in teacher’s classrooms.

Two high school students have controllers in hand to run a robot as they stand in front of an elementary school class.

RCS High School students from the Robotics League also joined elementary kids sharing their knowledge of robotics and showing off their homemade robot. They talked to the students about the success they’ve had with robotics.

The day ended with students putting their completed engineering challenges on display in our “STEAM Day Museum” for all of the school to see.

“It was a awesome day of innovation, fun and learning for A.W. Becker,” said A.W. Becker’s Math and Science Curriculum Content Specialist, Marisa Tutay.