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Social media rumors unfounded

Early this week, a middle school student made an inappropriate comment on social media, specifying a threat toward a fellow middle school student. The threat was reported to the Coeymans Police Department who investigated the incident and found there to be no credible threat to health and safety at Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Schools. However, making threatening statements is a violation of the RCS Code of Conduct and the District has pursued disciplinary action.

Individual behavioral incidents and their resolution are confidential and are not normally shared with students, staff, and families. We are sharing this information with you now in order to quell any rumors that may be circulating on social media concerning a threat to middle and elementary students. We believe that these rumors have stemmed from the incident described above. These rumors are unfounded.

We appreciate families who have brought the rumors to our attention. Regardless of our best efforts, there are times when individuals say or do things online or in the community that raise concerns for their safety and/or the safety of others. This is where the “see something, say something” advice holds true and becomes crucial. If you or your child ever has concerns about an individual’s potential threat to others or to themselves, please immediately report those concerns to school administrators or local police.