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Students take to t-shirts to review books

group of students wearing their t-shirts, smile at cameraMiddle School English Language Arts Teacher Kasey LaBarge challenged her students, this quarter, to express their understanding of literature in a creative way. LaBarge’s students were assigned to choose a book to read outside of class. For extra credit, they could create a t-shirt based on the book they chose.

“My goal is for them to enjoy reading an independent book and then show-off their creativity,” LaBarge said.

Students designed and decorated their t-shirts, provided by LaBarge. On the shirt, they included a written piece that either described a memorable scene, setting or important conflict, or analyzed important characters. They also picked their favorite quote and wrote their final impressions or a review of the book.

“It’s a fun day where the kids can wear their finished t-shirts for extra credit and tell everyone about the book they read,” LaBarge said.

group of students wearing their t-shirts, smile at camera

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