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Taking the challenge, A.W. Becker STEAM students test their engineering skills

four students work on Fluor project

Kristyn Brozowski’s fourth and fifth grade STEAM kids are taking the Fluor Engineering Challenge. Their goal is to create a device that will launch and return a ping pong ball back and forth over a paper net. Each group is given a limited set of materials to work with.

two students work on Fluor project“We studied catapults before this,” Brozowski said. “So it ties in nicely.”

Students are working in small groups to complete the challenge.

“It’s fun to test your luck and see how it will work,” fifth-grader Jacob Rogers said. “But it also might go a wrong way so it’s kind of stressful at the same time. That’s why I like doing this stuff.”

Brozowski says 12 random entries in the competition will be awarded $1,000.