RCS Prepares for Inclement Weather and Possible Closure, 1-27-21

In preparation for the incoming inclement weather we wanted to remind you that RCS will shift to completely remote instruction for all students if we are unable to open due to a weather-related event.  If necessary, confirmation of a weather-related closure will be shared prior to 6 am tomorrow.


Additional Information

As we’ve experienced this school year, RCS is able to shift quickly from in-person to remote instruction. Continuing to deliver instruction during unexpected closures, due to COVID-19 or an environmental issue, is an essential component of student success. As of Tuesday, January 26, 2021, RCS has one remaining emergency closure day. Preserving our one remaining emergency day will allow our RCS community to enjoy the Friday off before Memorial Day. If RCS is forced to close and does not move to remote instruction, we will first lose May 28 as a “Contingent Day” then we will begin to deduct days from our April Break. Although we all have fond memories of traditional snow days, we also know how much our families value scheduled recess days.

As a reminder, RCS will utilize completely remote instruction if/when emergency weather-related closures occur during the remainder of the 20-21 school year.  Start times are listed below and full schedules will be sent tomorrow if/when needed.

Weather-Related Emergency Closure Remote Schedule

Elementary start time = 9:00 am

Grade 5 through 12 start time = 9:30 am

Students Enrolled in Out of District Schools 

(Cap Region BOCES, Questar, St Colmans, Langan, Wildwood, etc.)

Students in CTE, private schools, and out of district placements will continue to be transported if RCS moves to completely remote instruction AND if CTE and these other placements are open.   

RCS communicates weather-related and emergency closures in the following formats:

- Posted on the school district’s website homepage at www.rcscsd.org

- Sent via email, phone call, and text message

- Shared with local media (television and radio stations) for their distribution

- Sent out as a “push” notification via our RCS Mobile App

- Download for Android: https://bit.ly/30CW6E0

- Download for iPhone: https://apple.co/31eOs1m