RCS Middle School Clubs & Activities


Updated 09/19/2022: Families are encouraged to check back as changes and more information may be available at the beginning of the school year.




Heather Billington hbillington@rcscsd.org

Anime Club

Kathy Durivage kdurivage@rcscsd.org

Art Club

Tim Meservey tmeservey@rcscsd.org

Astronomy Club

Joseph Coryea jcoryea@rcscsd.org

Best Buddies

Daria Carusone dcarusone@rcscsd.org, Patti Stockman pstockman@rcscsd.org, and Maria Semenick msemenick@rcscsd.org

Drama Club

Casey Kobylar ckobylar@rcscsd.org


Cheryl Richardson crichardson@rcscsd.org

French Club

Joseph Coryea jcoryea@rcscsd.org

Gaming Club

Nick Malinowski nmalinowski@rcscsd.org

Garden Club

Jen Fisk jfisk@rcscsd.org

Gender and Sexuality Alliances (GSA)

Abby Retzlaff aretzlaff@rcscsd.org and Alex Dinzey adinzey@rcscsd.org 

Hiking Club

Jen Fisk jfisk@rcscsd.org

Intramurals (Girls)

Anna Davies adavies@rcscsd.org and Majel Baker mbaker@rcscsd.org

Intramurals (Boys)

Jay Henry jhenry@rcscsd.org and Jared Bevington jbevington@rcscsd.org

Jazz Ensemble

Kermit Wamsley kwamsley@rcscsd.org

Jr. National Honor Society

Steve Colon scolon@rcscsd.org and Bethany Losito blosito@rcscsd.org

Natural Helpers

Kathy Durivage kdurivage@rcscsd.org

Photography Club

Cara Buckley cbuckley@rcscsd.org

Science Olympiad

Jen Fisk jfisk@rcscsd.org

Select Chorus

Elizabeth Diaz ediaz@rcscsd.org

Ski Club

William Cook wcook@rcscsd.org and Steve Schultz schultz@rcscsd.org

Spanish Club

Alex Dinzey adinzey@rcscsd.org

Stamp Club

Jen Fisk jfisk@rcscsd.org

Stock Market

Erin Sawyer esawyer@rcscsd.org and Kristi Kemmer kkemmer@rcscsd.org

Student Council

Daria Carusone dcarusone@rcscsd.org and Karen Waddingham kwaddingham@rcscsd.org

Trading Post (School Store)

Daria Carusone dcarusone@rcscsd.org and Bethany Losito blosito@rcscsd.org

TV/Media Club

Erin Sawyer esawyer@rcscsd.org, Cara Buckley cbuckley@rcscsd.org, and Kristi Kemmer kkemmer@rcscsd.org


Amanda Firstiun afirstiun@rcscsd.org


Erin Sawyer esawyer@rcscsd.org, and Daria Carusone dcarusone@rcscsd.orgDaria Carusone dcarusone@rcscsd.org, Patti Stockman pstockman@rcscsd.org, and Maria Semenick msemenick@rcscsd.organd Majel Baker mbaker@rcscsd.org