Building Use Process

Our community has the ability to rent various spaces within the district to hold events. If you are looking to rent a space please check the Building Use Calendar to see if your event date is available, then fill out a Building Request Form. When requesting fields or gyms in the RCS District, please contact the Director of Athletics, Physical Education, Health & Wellness Jennifer Murphy at

Fee Schedule for use of school facilities

Effective March 25, 2020

All Groups will be subject to:

  • Special Event or Tournament Set-up Fee – To be determined on a case by case basis.

  • All groups will incur fees when additional costs are incurred by the district such as custodial and cafeteria employee overtime.

School-Related Groups – (Extra Curricular Activities, Clubs, Organizations.)

Examples: School Sponsored events; Booster Groups; Student Clubs;
PTO/PTA’s; School Related Volunteers; Music Associations for Students; RCS Sports Association; Community Groups within RCS.

Examples: Recreation Groups; Local Youth Groups; Athletic Groups located in the RCS District.

School-related groups may use facilities at no charge.

All other groups:

  • Classroom — $20/hr.

  • Auditoriums — $50/hr.

  • Lobbies — $20/hr.

  • Cafeteria excluding Kitchen — $20/hr.

  • Cafeteria with Kitchen — $50/hr. + kitchen staff

  • Library — $20/hr.

  • Larger Gym — $50/hr.

  • Small Gym — $20/hr.

  • Wrestling Room — $20/hr.

  • Athletic Fields (Grass) — $100 flat + 50/hr.

  • Turf Field — $175 flat + 50/hr.

  • Lights on Field — $50/hr.

  • Pool — $50/hr. + lifeguards

Renter Requirements:

1. Certificate of liability in the amount of $1,000,000 combined single limit for general liability insurance coverage.
a. Certificate holder must be named as an additional insured on a primary and non-contributory basis.
2. All Groups are required to have an approved Building Request Form in place for use of school property.
3. Health Certificate (If bringing in food).
4. Must abide by all State & Local laws.

Conditions to be Observed by Renter:

1. Groups must report on time.
2. Groups are to remain in their designated areas within the school, are to enter and exit by nearest door, and are to park in designated areas only.
3. A group sponsor, who must be over 21 years old, must be in attendance at the beginning of the activity and remain with the group until they leave the building. The group shall consist of only those persons involved in the activity, and who are residents of the district. NOTE: at least 10 people must be in attendance each time the facility is used.
4. Facilities are to be left neat and orderly. If rules and regulations are not followed or if facilities are misused, future use will not be granted.
5. The Board of Education will hold the user responsible for any damage resulting from use.
6. Smoking is strictly prohibited and no alcoholic beverages are to be brought on school grounds.
7. If decorations are to be used, prior approval by the Director of Facilities and Operations is needed.