Charter, Private or Parochial School

Why do I need to enroll my student with the RCS District if they attend a private or charter school?

According to NYS Education Law, public school districts are required to provide funding to support students who are attending private schools. This may include money for textbooks, technology, health services, special education and remediation services, and transportation.

When a student attends a charter school, the public school district (RCS) pays tuition for them.

In order to ensure that the costs incurred are valid and associated with students who are entitled to the district's support, we ask families to provide proof of residence, custody, and age, and update the information at least once each year.

Enrollment Documents

The Non-Public Enrollment Form is used to enroll students who are:

  • attending a private or parochial school

  • attending a charter school

  • being homeschooled by parents but requesting special education services from the RCS district

In addition to the completed Non-Public Enrollment Form, the following documents are required:

  • Student Birth Certificate (preferred) or alternate proof of age (contact Registrar for options)

  • Primary Parent or Guardian Photo ID

  • Two proofs of residency - see Register for School for a list of valid residency documents

We also request that you provide any custody or guardianship documents that show the registering parent has primary physical custody, if applicable.

Transportation to Private & Charter Schools

In order to obtain transportation to private or charter schools outside of RCS, parents must complete the Out-of-District Transportation Request Form by April 1 of the preceding school year, or within 30 days of moving into the district.

Students must live within 15 miles of the school that they are requesting to attend.