Committees & Parent Groups

Building Leadership Team: This is a site-based management team and is created at each RCS school.

Committee on Pre-School Special Education (CPSE): This committee determines appropriate educational services for 3- to 4-year old children with disabilities.

Committee on Special Education (CSE): This committee determines special education services needed for recommended children in grades K-12.

Special Education Parent Support Group ACT (Advocating for Children Together): Members share experiences and practical information about special education. The workshops are designed to help parents sort through the array of special education information that is available to parents and educator. To learn more, please visit the student support services webpage.

Parent-Teacher Groups

These groups are non-profit organizations that work with our parents, teachers, and community members to support our students, their goals, and their educational journey. They work closely with the school community to assist with numerous aspects of students' education, including but not limited to field trips, building updates, supplies, and staff support/appreciation. These groups sponsor and organize fundraisers and school events, deepening their connection with our community. For more information from each group, please reach out via the emails provided.

A.W. Becker Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

  • President: Joy Iafallo

  • Vice President: Erin Sinisgalli

  • Treasurer: Jessica Seaburg

  • Secretary: Jenny Molino

Email the PTA at

Pieter B. Coeymans Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

  • President: Amanda Latter

  • Vice President: Michelle King

  • Secretary: Lindzee Pula

  • Treasurers: Tamara Southard

Email the PTO at

PTO Facebook Group: PBC PTO

This page was created and is moderated by the PBC PTO independently of the RCS School District. 

Middle School Parent-Teacher-Student-Organization (PTSO)

  • President: Stephanie Krause

  • Vice President: Melanie Potter

  • Treasurer: Michelle Williams

  • Secretary: Sarah Raymond

Interested in signing up to be a member? Please fill out this google form to receive updates and information!

Email the PTSO at or

PTSO Facebook Group: RCS MS PTSO

Additional Facebook Groups from the MS PTSO:

These pages are created and moderated by the MS PTSO independently of the RCS School District.