COVID-19 Testing at RCS

As per the directive of the New York State Department of Health, all NYS schools must offer screening (Surveillance) testing for unvaccinated students on a weekly basis in geographic areas identified by the CDC as having moderate, substantial, or high transmission rates. The RCS school district will also offer diagnostic testing in school for staff and students. We are in the process of rolling out our testing procedures, please check back for more updates.

COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing for Staff and Students:

RCS has begun offering free diagnostic testing for staff and students. We offer lab tests, not rapid (antigen) or NAAT tests, and they take 24-36 hours to return. This is voluntary and not required for any students, but it may allow your child to return to school sooner if they test negative. Students and staff do not need to be symptomatic to utilize our testing.

To become eligible for testing through RCS (only open to students and staff), please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the RCS Student Testing Consent letter - click here to access.

    • This step is not required for staff 

    • Parent or guardian consent is required for minors

    • The form can be returned to your student’s teacher or main office. If you have any questions, you can contact your student’s nurse

  2. Complete the registration for the testing company, Clarifi Quadrant, and create a profile for each student (  See below for tips on registration.

  3. We only offer testing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If the child or staff member is not in school due to symptoms and would like to be tested at RCS, contact the school nurse directly to schedule an appointment:

    • A. W. Becker - (518) 756-5200 ext. 5005

    • Pieter B. Coeymans - (518) 756-5200 ext. 4005

    • RCS Middle School - (518) 756-5200 ext. 3021

    • RCS High School - (518) 756-5200 ext. 2015

Students and families will be given instructions about where to park and how to notify the office/nurse of your arrival. Please do not bring symptomatic students into any school buildings.

  1. Individuals who are being tested should NOT use mouthwash or toothpaste within 1 hour prior to the test, and should NOT eat or drink anything except water within 30 minutes prior to the test.  This includes:

    • Chewing gum

    • Mints or hard candy

    • Lozenges or cough drops

    • Tobacco, smokeless tobacco, or vaping products

  2. Results will be sent to both families and the school within 24-36 hours. In addition to the results being emailed directly to the family or staff member, any student or staff member who tests positive will be notified through a phone call from the school.

Once you complete 1 and 2, your child may be able to be tested before leaving school if they are sent home due to symptoms.  You will be asked to verbally consent to each test before it is given.

Registration Tips:

  • Please provide your child’s full legal name.

  • For students, mark the Employment Status in step 5 as “Unknown.”

  • Insurance

    • If you have insurance, please enter it when asked.  You will NOT be charged copays or deductibles for any of the testing through Clarifi.

    • If you do not have insurance, you may skip this step.

    • Regardless of your insurance status, you will NOT be charged anything for these tests.

  • You may skip the questions asking for Social Security and Driver’s License numbers.

  • Please note that the registration will frequently say “child” or “my child.” If staff is completing the form for themselves, as an adult, answer the questions as though you are answering them for yourself.


  • Due to the decrease in requests for lab COVID testing through RCS, we will now be offering lab testing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only.

  • There is no school or testing during February Recess, 2/21/22-2/25/22.

  • Testing will resume with classes on Wednesday, March 2, 2022.

  • No testing is conducted during a snow day.


Take-Home COVID-19 Tests Available

 In early January we shared a notification with families regarding the state-provided at-home COVID test kits. Families who want an at-home test kit can pick them up for their students from the main office of any school building during school hours. Tests can be picked up from one school if you have students in different schools. Families who do not have the means to pick up a test can contact their student’s Principal to make arrangements. These tests were still available as of 5/26/22.

Take-home rapid tests and over-the-counter (OTC) tests are accepted as proof of a negative result when students/staff are ill. Two negative Over-the-Counter (i.e., at-home or take-home) antigen tests need to be taken 36 hours apart and an affirmation from a parent/guardian/staff member must be provided to the school nurse in order to return to school. This affirmation can either be submitted using a paper copy or an online google form.

Notice Regarding COVID Test Expiration Dates Extended: If you received a CareStart take-home antigen test from RCS, the expiration date has been extended by three months per the FDA. For example, tests labeled with an expiration date of  January 2022 are now good through April 30, 2022.

Local COVID-19 Vaccination & Testing Sites

If anyone in the community is looking to be tested for COVID-19, there are many testing sites open across New York State. Visit the NY Find a Test Site Near You page to find a complete list of testing sites available. To find a vaccination clinic for you or your child, you can visit the CDC’s website to find the closest vaccination sites for all forms of the vaccine that are currently available. Visit to make an appointment at a state-run vaccination site.