Home-Schooled Students

Parents who will be homeschooling their child(ren) must send a Letter of Intent to Connie Miller within 15 days of beginning to homeschool. In addition, parents will need to submit:

Contact Information

Connie Miller

Special Education Support for Home-Schooled Students

Deadline to request special education support - June 1st.

According to Education Law § 3602-c and the New York State Education Department, if you choose to educate your child through a home instruction plan, he/she may still receive special education support IF you make a timely request on or before June 1st preceding the school year for which you are requesting services. If you decide to homeschool your child and notify the school district after June 1, you will not be eligible to receive special education services for your child through an individual education services plan (IESP). If you choose to continue to homeschool your child for subsequent school years, you must send notification in writing by June 1st, prior to the new school year, in order to access those support services.