STARS Intergen Program

Seniors Teaching and Reaching Out to Students (STARS)

The Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk school district collaborates with STARS Intergen Corp., which provides opportunities for seniors in the towns of Bethlehem and Coeymans to enhance the educational experience for RCS students.

This unique partnership brings the generations together and allows them to better understand and appreciate one another.

The not-for-profit STARS and STARS Helpers programs have proven since 1997 that retirees, students, and the school district create a mutually beneficial partnership by creating opportunities for:

  • Retirees of all ages to stay active and contribute to their community;

  • Students to make academic, social and emotional gains with the help of STARS volunteers;

  • The school district to tap into an experienced pool of volunteers from all walks of life who serve as mentors and enhance classroom learning; and

  • Interactions between children/youth and retirees who may otherwise be isolated from one another.

STARS Helpers program

This program involves residents living at the Van Allen Senior Apartments in Glenmont, where RCS middle and high students are bused twice a month, working together on crafts, snacks and service projects that benefit the community.

One of the service projects takes place at the Hope Full Life Center in Faith Plaza in Ravena, where STARS volunteers and students gather donations, stock and display items in their shops.

For more information

If you’re a teacher looking for help in the classroom or a senior looking for a great place to share your knowledge, contact:

Linda Bruno, executive director
(518) 756-7389 /