RCS teacher Ms. McKown working with students remotely.

A.W. Becker Elementary reading teacher Ms. McKown conducting remote instruction for RCS students.

Currently in her 15th year in the district, A.W. Becker Elementary School reading teacher Julie McKown continues to learn, adapt and provide educational experiences for her students. Prior to her tenure at A.W. Becker Elementary, she had spent 13 years at Pieter B. Coeymans Elementary School. She understands the RCS community and has been a positive influence in our elementary classrooms.

As a reading teacher for the last 15 years, she has provided supplemental reading instruction to students in grades K-4.  This year, she has been credited for accepting an entirely different and completely unexpected role.  She currently plays a key function in teaching core reading instruction to third graders enrolled in Complete Remote Instruction for half of her instructional day. For the other half of her day, she provides supplemental reading support to students who attend school in-person.  

A.W. Becker Elementary reading teacher Ms. McKown connecting virtually with her students.

“Teaching remotely definitely has its challenges and rewards.  As much as we all want remote instruction to be exactly the same as in-person, not everything can be done virtually. I am lucky to have a great co-teacher and work with an amazing team,” she says. “The families of my students have been so wonderful and supportive!  It has been a learning process for all involved-families, students and teachers!  We have all learned about expectations during a Google Meet, how to leave and come back to our class Meet, how to find and open an assignment, how to complete work in the different types of documents and how to properly check for missing work.”

Ms. McKown assists with all of these interactions, in addition to teaching the curriculum. The first few weeks have allowed her to adjust with her students to become familiar with Google Classroom, and they are settling into their virtual classroom routine.  Even though a screen separates them on a day-to-day basis, they are creating their own special classroom community.

Even with daily challenges, the students in her class truly make each and every day worth it.  Students continue to make great strides in today’s virtual classroom and are working to persevere through the ups and downs of technology.  Her students demonstrate patience and kindness towards one another every single day. As a teacher in a Complete Remote Instruction environment, she continues to be amazed and proud of her students work ethic.

Her favorite time of the day? She shares this final thought: “My favorite time of the day is seeing all of their smiling faces tiled across my screen each morning!”