RCS High School teacher Mrs. McCarthy connecting with one of her students.

RCS teacher Ms. McCarthy has spent 28 years in the RCS District serving her hometown community. It’s important to her and it shows. She’s a strong believer in not only creating connections with students, but to their parents/caregivers as well. Mrs. McCarthy is currently engaging her students as a Special Education teacher and co-teaches Global History/U.S. History. She initially began her career as a teaching assistant before returning to school to become a full-time teacher in the district. Many of her colleagues are happy that she did.

“Mrs. McCarthy is an extremely compassionate person. She goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being of her students academically, socially and emotionally,” said RCS High School History Teacher Ms. Scally. “She would literally give you the last valuable thing in her life to help you. She is not just a colleague, but a friend to most of us here at school. There is a disarming way about her that makes everyone feel comfortable, along with her great sense of humor and laugh.”

An RCS graduate of the Class of 1975, she has been a proud supporter of the school district. She understands that the RCS District is the heartbeat of the community. The district creates a comfort level for those in the area and offers opportunities for community activities, sporting events and much more.

From growing up in the district, she understands the dynamics and the ups and downs that today’s students experience. She counts her ability to relate to her students as an important factor in her success. “The relationship-building aspect plays a key role as an educator in today’s classroom,” says Mrs. McCarthy. “I treat other people the way that they want to be treated. Students are receptive to that philosophy and I can make a connection with them to increase their success.”

She credits taking the time to get to know students, faculty and teachers for her own professional development. By creating those relationships, she has learned new ideas, strategies and has added a few friends along the way. However, she circles back to what makes her enjoy being an educator: connecting with her students. She lists it as her strongest attribute and understands that it plays a huge part in her passion for the teaching profession.

Her best part of the day? “When a student is able to solve a problem and understands that they have someone willing to support them in the classroom. The best part of my job is recognizing when a student no longer struggles to achieve their goal.”