RCS Alumni Series – Meet RCS alumnus Dr. Adam Lammly

We continue to feature RCS alumni and the impact that they are having in their communities. See how Dr. Adam Lammly, DO utilized his time in the district to shape his pathway to a career in Internal Medicine at St. Peter's Internal Medicine. Read his Q&A to learn more about his process and the programs he utilized to build his future.

How did RCS prepare you for a career in medicine?

An effective physician has both a fund of knowledge in basic sciences and medicine and the ability to connect, empathize and inspire their patients.  My experience at RCS provided me with this duality of skills.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue advanced science courses, but also art education, music performance and athletics.  Each of these components played an integral role developing interpersonal communication skills, leadership techniques, and an understanding of how to be an effective team member.

How did your experience in the New Visions program allow you to achieve your goals?

I participated in the New Visions Health Careers Education Program at St. Peter's Hospital during my senior year of high school.  This was coordinated through Capital Region BOCES.  Two days each week were dedicated to completing academic requirements and the remaining three weekdays were allocated to hospital department rotations.  My classmates and I had the opportunity to experience, first hand, almost all direct and indirect patient care aspects in an acute healthcare setting.  This includes scrubbing into major cardiothoracic surgery cases and observing patients who recently completed joint replacement surgery begin their physical therapy program.  Some of these experiences are not afforded to students until clinical rotations during their third year of medical school.   Participating in this program at a relatively young age, compared to 6 or 7 years later as a third year medical student, was confirming and motivating.

How do you view your impact as a doctor in the community?

Twofold.  On a micro-level, working with patients individually to achieve their health and wellness goals and prevent disease or development/progression of chronic health conditions.  Second, on a macro-level, to strengthen the health of our community and ensure this is a safe, supportive and nurturing space for our children's generation.

What opportunities did RCS provide you to achieve your academic/athletic goals?

RCS offered a great combination of advanced or AP academic courses as well as competitive athletic programs and exciting extracurricular organizations, such as the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA).  I think all of these endeavors shape well rounded graduates that can pursue further education or enter the workforce with confidence.

What's your advice to RCS students that are trying to figure out their pathway to a career?

Many different employers or business leaders in the RCS district and greater Capital Region are very receptive to inquiries or shadowing requests from high school students who may be interested in their career field.  Reach out and capitalize on this generosity.