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On Thursday, January 21, RCS held its first Budget Advisory Committee for the 2021-22 budget process. The meeting included 19 diverse members of our RCS community. As we all eagerly look beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that we focus our attention on preparing our students for the rigors of the workplace and the world. The purpose of the Budget Advisory Committee is to review presentations, host discussions, review community feedback and advise the superintendent and other leaders on programmatic and budgetary priorities for our district. The product of this work will be shared with the RCS Board of Education as they consider budget allocations for next year and beyond. 

The Budget Advisory Committee is seeking community feedback and we need your help. Please take a few minutes to participate in the “Thoughtexchange” in which you will be able to offer your input by answering: 

“What did you learn in school that helped you succeed as an adult?” 

This unique survey may be found here

All students should leave RCS ready for enlistment, enrollment or employment. Reviewing your successes and those of other community members will help us to better recreate this for our current and future students.  Our end goal is to ensure that our budget reflects the programs that will help our students be prepared to take on the world.

The presentations and minutes from the five, bi-weekly meetings, along with the results of our Thoughtexchange surveys will be made available on our website. We also encourage our district families and community members to sign-up for the RCS mobile app to stay up-to-date on district news and events. You can find more information on the mobile app here.

We thank you for your time and effort towards building a better RCS.

Thank you,

Brian Bailey, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools