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On Thursday, February 4, RCS held its second Budget Advisory Committee.  This committee, composed of leaders, teachers, support staff, parents, students and community members, is tasked with identifying programmatic and budgetary priorities for our district.  Budget development is a long-term process and budgetary decisions for the 21-22 school year will have a ripple effect on years to come.  The priorities that result from this committee will help our leaders and Board of Education create a long-term road map for the future for our students and our district.

The greater RCS community was asked to participate in a Thoughtexchange survey after our first meeting in late January.  Over 250 people participated in the initial survey which asked “what did you learn in school that helped you succeed as an adult?” Feel free to explore the results here. As part of our ongoing work we have just launched a second Thoughtexchange which asks “how would you improve our RCS schools to ensure all students achieve enlistment, enrollment, or employment upon graduation?” This exchange features a brief video introduction by Ashley Cross, the Valedictorian of the RCS class of 2021.  Please participate and share your thoughts here.