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The Budget Advisory Committee continues the conversation to address the district’s direction for the 2021-22 school year and beyond. As we close in on the 2021-22 budget process, the purpose of this committee is to hold discussions to develop programmatic and budgetary plans for the district moving forward. The committee is reviewing information to benefit area families and our students.

During our February 25 meeting, our community volunteers reviewed their feedback from previous Thoughtexchanges and addressed the needs that are to be met by the RCS District, for today and tomorrow. In our initial discussion, the committee reviewed the results from our previous discussion topic “How would you improve RCS schools to ensure all students achieve enlistment, enrollment or employment upon graduation.” After reviewing the results of the Thoughtexchange, the committee shared and identified areas to see how some of their own personal beliefs change the focus towards education in today’s district.

Some of the key district items addressed during the survey results from the February 25 meeting were:

  • Career and Technical Education (CTE)

  • Personal skill sets (i.e. personal finance, communication skills and engagement)

  •  Internships and its effect on future opportunities

  •  Community engagement and social responsibility

  • Special club activities and engagement options for students

Stay up-to-date on the committee's effort by following the conversation on our district website.

The next Budget Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 11.