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The Budget Advisory Committee met on Thursday, March 11 to explore programmatic proposals from the elementary, middle school and high school and to discuss the direction of the district for 2021-22 and beyond.  The March 11 meeting marked the fourth time that the group has met to prioritize programs that will make the greatest gains in ensuring employment, enlistment, or enrollment for every one of our RCS graduates.  Discovering and pursuing these priorities, with measurable outcomes, will result in a better investment of our community’s tax dollars for years to come.

Some discussion topics included:

  • Internships and their ability to provide real-life experience

  • Career exploration through virtual and in-person field trips

  • Required volunteerism as a means to becoming a responsible citizen of this world

  • Community partnerships that give relevance to classroom learning

  • Older students mentoring younger students and the hosting of mentors from the business community

  • Capstone (passion) projects that allow students to synthesize their learning while pursuing a topic that they are passionate about

As a means of better exploring the possibilities for our students, the advisory committee members reviewed and reflected on a number of short videos between meetings.  These videos encompassed topics such as internships, passion projects, community projects, community partners, life-skills education, and career planning and pathways.  

The feedback and recommendations that are developed through the Budget Advisory Committee will inform our programmatic choices for 2021-22 and beyond.  District leaders will develop budget proposals based on these recommendations and will share these with the Board of Education for their consideration. The final Budget Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 25 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.