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COVID-19 continues to change the landscape of athletics for RCS students and in districts throughout New York state. This year, the RCS District has worked to highlight student athletic and academic achievements for the 2020-21 school year – especially for our Class of 2021 students. As a district, we continue to work with coaches, administrators and teachers to share the great work being completed by our students, from elementary to high school.

Today, we introduce you to RCS Senior Shayla Weisheit. Ms. Weisheit has been on the RCS Bowling team for the past four seasons and has excelled as both a player and in the classroom. She currently carries a 90.02 overall average in her classes and is planning to attend SUNY Adirondack in the fall. 

“Shayla has been on the bowling team for four years and has been a role model as a student athlete in our district,” said RCS Bowling Coach Megan McClave. “She has been a joy to coach over the years as she is open to improving her game. Shayla was always committed to being at practices and matches despite injuries that may have kept her off the lanes. She will be missed!”

To learn more about her pathway to graduation, read here Q&A here:

What do you attribute to your success in today’s classroom and athletically?

I give credit to all of the teachers that I have had throughout my 14 years here at RCS. They taught me how to give my best at everything I do and to never give up. At times when I was struggling, my teachers never failed to give me the help I needed. This included staying after class and helping me with a subject I was struggling with, or doing a review session before a quiz or a test. Athletically, I give credit to my dad and my bowling coach George. When I started bowling freshman year, I knew nothing about bowling and then my dad and George started coaching me. I took a major step that season and I’ve kept improving my game ever since. Without the help from my dad and George, I would not be the bowler I am today.

What experiences do you highlight during your time at RCS? What teacher/coach influenced you the most?

At RCS, all the great and memorable moments are highlights from my time here. The teacher that influenced me the most was Mrs. Hushmendy. In class, she was always very open to us and told us about events that happened in her life. She was also willing to be there for us if we ever needed someone to talk to and she influenced me to be the person that people can turn to for help or a friendly conversation.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

In five years, I plan to be finishing up the major I decide to pursue at a four-year university. I also plan to be bowling at college and or in a bowling league at a local bowling center near the college.