Youth Art Month continues at RCS

Youth Art Month continues to feature the talents and hard work of RCS students. As we showcase the creativity in the district, we are highlighting three ninth grade students for Artist of the Month! Congratulations Ethan Isaac Danao, Sonia Snyder, and Kaitlin Strokes! The students are currently enrolled in Studio in Art. Studio in Art is the first available Art course for students at the high school. It is designed to introduce students to a variety of media and techniques. These three pieces were created using ebony pencil. Students were focusing on value paying careful attention to light and shadows. Since we are also highlighting the process of creating this month, we are sharing an in progress photo along with the final image. 

Did you know? Artist of the Month is an RCS High School program that acknowledges an art student each month. The Artist of the Month is a student who comes to class each day ready to learn, participates in class, is dedicated to their projects, and has a positive attitude. 

Congratulations Ethan, Sonia, and Kaitlin!