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On Wednesday, June 2, the district was notified of online activity involving the use of hate speech on social media platforms specifically directed towards the LGBTQ community. School officials have been made aware of the incident and are working with RCS High School faculty and law enforcement to identify and address the suspect(s). The offending post featured a hate-filled address to those who potentially identify with the LGBTQ community. There were no specific references to RCS, to specific persons or to locations within the post. 

Hate speech has no place at RCS. It is a violation of the student code of conduct, board of education policy, and may violate the law. Please take a moment to speak to your child about the importance of civility, both digitally and in person. When students say or write hateful things online, those words are frequently read, may last forever, and can affect both the writer and those being written about. Please also discuss the potential consequences of perpetuating hate speech or other acts of discrimination.

We are grateful that this event was brought forward by a number of RCS students who saw it and reported it to building staff and leaders.