Visual art piece submitted by RCS student.

During a normal school year, the RCS High School Art Department would organize an in-person event to highlight art pieces from throughout the school year. This year, we felt it’s best to include a special quote from RCS Art Teacher Ms. Wallace that sums up her feelings on the students creativity and their incredible visual art pieces. Well done RCS!!

A message from Ms. Wallace

“I am very proud to share the hard work of our talented art students through this digital show. The 2020/21 school year was very different from those of the past. The classroom set up was different, and not all of our students were in-person as we worked. Some students came in on alternating days, and other students worked remotely throughout the year. Our students did amazing, I am so proud of them. They were responsible for keeping track of their materials and projects along with bringing them back and forth to school, so that they could continue to work on them daily. The level of responsibility and dedication demonstrated was remarkable. Students shared their artwork on Google Meets, constantly emailed photos, and continually pushed themselves to grow as artists. Congratulations on a great year!”

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