RCS High School Virtual Open House Now Available

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the RCS High School Virtual Open House!

The event is now open and will be available for parents and students to view for a couple of weeks. To access the link to the virtual open house, click here. Families are encouraged to participate in this event together, as there is a lot of important information to be shared.

You will need your child’s schedule so you know who their teacher is and which period they have that teacher. This can be accessed through the Parent Portal if needed. 

You click on the unique link for each class and a video will appear with a message from the teacher. I, along with other faculty members will also have a message for families. Again, please be sure to view each message as we are sharing important information for the success of every child.

Here is how the process works: If your child has Mr. Chrapowitzky for Algebra II period 6, you would find his name along the left column, go over to period 6 and click on the blue link for his message.  You do that for each of your student's classes along with the messages at the top. As a reminder, you can search this document by simultaneously clicking the “Control” (Ctrl) button and “f” on your keyboard. Families will also have access to a google form for each teacher that will allow them to sign up to speak with them one-on-one at a later date; that form is under their name in the schedule.

We will together make this a great year for our students because together we are strong. Together we are RCS! If you have any further questions or concerns, please reach out to me or Mr. Tedford. 

We hope you enjoy!
Dr. Lisa Patierne

Click Here to Access the 2021 RCS High School Open House