Lisa Crown & Nancy Bruno

As part of American Education Week, we are highlighting one of our volunteer programs at RCS. Seniors Teaching And Reaching out to Students (STARS) Helpers is an intergenerational program that brings RCS students together with senior citizens. This unique partnership draws upon the knowledge and experience of adults in the community to enrich the lives of RCS students, promoting academic success while fostering intergenerational relationships that help students and retirees better understand and appreciate each other. 

STARS volunteers spend time with staff and students of all ages. They do projects and work on service opportunities to better, not only the school district, but the entire RCS community.  In past years, they have aided in providing meals to students in need through the summer and stepped into countless classrooms, and assisted teachers in instruction and social-emotional support. They have also collaborated with students to provide intergenerational programs at the VanAllen Senior Apartments and provide support during numerous school events. 

A long-time STARS volunteer, Nancy Bruno, has been working as a part of the STARS Program since 2000; this is her 20th year in the program with Pieter B.Coeymans 1st grade teacher Lisa Crown. Over the years, Nancy has built a strong relationship with Lisa and her students during their time in 1st grade. Creating memories that many students will have for a lifetime. The class took some time to honor her commitment to our students last week, as a thank you for all she has done over the years, with a mini celebration. They also got to celebrate Nancy’s 90th birthday!

“Her participation, encouragement, and enthusiasm towards our students should be commended. It has been an incredibly fun and rewarding experience to work with her,” said Lisa. 

Thank you to Nancy and all of our STARS Helpers for their dedication to the RCS community! Your commitment to our students, staff, and community is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed!

Picture Above: Nancy Bruno & Lisa Crown

Pictured Above: Linda Bruno & Nancy Bruno